“Lost’n’Found - Live in Tilburg”, a very special live-release coming out on December 11th, 2020


“Lost’n’Found - Live in Tilburg”, a very special live-release coming out on December 11th, 2020

“Lost’n’Found - Live in Tilburg”, a very special live-release coming out on December 11th, 2020 via Inside Out Music.

Previously only available as limited self-released fanclub/tour-edition, “Lost’n’Found - Live in Tilburg” re-visits an outstanding performance at one of the biggest shows during RIVERSIDE’s European tour in 2015 for their acclaimed “Love, Fear and the Time Machine” album and also documents the group’s last tour with original guitarist and founding member Piotr Grudzinski († 2016, R.I.P.).

“Lost’n’Found - Live in Tilburg” is now made available widely as limited Mediabook 2CD+DVD (The concert is coming on DVD for the first time ever!), as Gatefold 3LP on 180g. vinyl with the full concert on two CD’s as bonus and as Digital Album.

The live release’s pre-order in its various formats is starting today here:

Lunatic Soul - Navvie


Lunatic Soul - Navvie

"Nav" (Polish spelling "Nawie") is the name for the Slavic underworld, and also denotes the souls of the dead, so it gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to my music underworld. The new Lunatic Soul album, "Through Shaded Woods", talks about breaking free from the great beyond, about making your way to the other side, about a second chance and coming back to life.

The "dancing souls" from the album artwork and the new videoclip make the world turn green. And green is the colour of healing, hope and freedom.
In these incredibly trying times, I wish each one of us exactly that: healing, hope and freedom.

Enjoy the video!

Listen to "The Passage", the new Lunatic Soul track!


Listen to

"The Passage" is a signature piece of the new Lunatic Soul album, on which we enter a mysterious forest full of dynamic, ritual dances. The title "passage" is the destination for the main character, where he is to be cleansed and reborn.

"Shaded Woods" are our worst traumas and nightmares, the most difficult moments in our life. Also symbolic of our present, difficult times. Going through them symbolises facing and overcoming them. May this song, as well as the whole album, be like a torch, which not only makes the darkness disappear, but might come in handy when fighting monsters. Enjoy!


Lunatic Soul "Through Shaded Woods”


Lunatic Soul

And so "the big day" is getting nearer. I am really pleased to announce that the new, seventh (!) Lunatic Soul album titled "Through Shaded Woods" is coming out on 13th November 2020. "Shaded Woods" are our worst traumas and nightmares. Going through these woods symbolises facing them. It's a test of courage. Musically, we're going on a journey inspired by dark Scandinavian and Slavic folk.

"Through Shaded Woods" will be released as a single LP, a single CD and a special extended double CD version containing, among others, a suite "Transition II". It will also be available on all streaming services and digital platforms.

Here is the tracklist of the new album:

Lunatic Soul "Through Shaded Woods”:
1. Navvie 04:03
2. The Passage 08:57
3. Through Shaded Woods 05:51
4. Oblivion 05:03
5. Summoning Dance 09:52
6. The Fountain 06:04

Bonus disc:
1. Vyraj 05:32
2. Hylophobia 03:20
3. Transition II 27:45

The first single from the album will be out on September 25th.




Dear Friends,
As some of you may have noticed, in these difficult pandemic times, Riverside have been publishing mainly memories and information about individual music projects on their social media. Why? Well, we are on a break until September 2020, but we're also busy going through live videos from the Wasteland Tour and getting our new rehearsal room ready 🙂

However, the break is slowly coming to an end, and we can promise you already that we will be back soon with new plans for the whole band!

In the meantime, just a reminder that September 18th will see the release of "Zenith", the solo album of Maciej (more info about it on his official profile: Maciej Meller) and somewhere around October/November (the date has not yet been agreed), the new Lunatic Soul album will be out, too. A bit earlier, on August 21st, Mariusz will publish his new single, "Are You Ready For The Sun", which you can already "pre-save" here -

Last but not least, the concerts in South America and Europe, which we had to cancel in 2020 - we'll be doing our best to reschedule them for 2021, as soon as the situation becomes a bit more stable. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Take care of yourselves and we'll keep in touch!

photo: Matteo Bassoli

Maciej Meller - Zenith


Maciej Meller - Zenith

Listen to the new Maciej Meller's song from his first solo album ZENITH!!!

Album is set to release September 18th 2020.

Taking care of the melodies, color and articulation will probably always be the key issue for me. However it's also a matter of me always trying to adapt my instrument to a composition, to my state of mind and emotions which come out. A song, its atmosphere or the content somehow impose my perception of the way I lead my instrument.
It's not all sunshine and lollipops :) There's pain, joy, reflection, anger...
" - excerpt from the interview for 'Gitarzysta' magazine.

I. Aside
II. Knife
III. Plan B
IV. Zenith
V. Frozen
VI. Fox
VII. Trip
VIII. Magic

CD preorder
LP preorder


Maciej Meller – guitars, mandolin, whistle
Krzysztof Borek – vocals
Robert Szydło – bass guitars
Łukasz Damrych – keyboards
Łukasz Sobolak – drums


Szymon Paduszyński – backing vocals on “Plan B”
All music by Maciej Meller
Except “Trip” music by Mariusz Duda and Maciej Meller
All lyrics by Krzysztof Borek
All tracks recorded between Junuary and June 2020
Drums and vocals recorded at Paputek Studio by Szymon Paduszyński
Acoustic guitars recorded at Alaskan Studio by Wojciech Piotrowski
Electric guitars recorded at JNS Studio by Paweł Grabowski
Produced by Maciej Meller
Mixed & mastered by Robert Szydło
Language consulting by Anna Gancarczyk
Photos by Kaja Sosnowska, Anna Gancarczyk
Maciej’s photo by Bartłomiej Hałat
Artwork and design by Kaja Sosnowska, Łukasz Pach

Italian shows canceled


Dear Italian fans, local authorities have just decided to cancel all the public events in some areas (coronavirus), including Milan and Treviso, until March 1st. We are incredibly sorry but this means we won’t be able to see each other during the “With the Sun Tour”. We’ll try to return to Italy as soon as possible and are already looking into the options.


Cari fan italiani, le autorità locali hanno deciso di cancellare qualsiasi tipo di evento pubblico in alcune aree (coronavirus), incluse Milano e Treviso, fino al primo di marzo compreso. Siamo terribilmente dispiaciuti ma questo significa che non saremo in grado di vederci durante il “With the Sun Tour”. Proveremo a tornare il prima possibile e stiamo già pensando ad alternative future.

The Song of a Dying Memory


The Song of a Dying Memory

News from Mariusz: Before I play the first concerts of the last leg of the "Wasteland Tour" with Riverside, and before I reveal some information about the new, seventh Lunatic Soul album, on which I've been working for a year, let me share with you the title of the first ever song I'm going to release under "MD".

"The Song of a Dying Memory". It is the beginning of a special cycle I'm calling "subcutaneous songs", or "adherent songs". New compositions will be released every few months and they will be characterised by... a gentler form and low-key vocals (at least the first two of them :))

"Subcutaneous songs" signed by my own name will be released only digitally for now. Thanks to that I will be able to share them with you during the breaks between Riverside and Lunatic Soul activities, without causing chaos or interference with the other music worlds.

With the release of the first song, you will also be able to visit a new website, where all my music achievements are finally organised in one place.

The release of "The Song of a Dying Memory" has been planned for mid March. More information will follow soon!


art by Travis Smith

Number 4


Number 4

Thank you very much for so many warm words and your support, which I've been experiencing since Saturday, but actually since the beginning of my appearance in Riverside...It's been wonderful but sometimes tough 3 years. Especially at the beginning. We all had to plunge into a new situation and obviously the river flows continuously. But I think to myself that good and solid things are not easily created. They require hard work, mindfulness and simply some time. And this is happening right now.

I am so happy to be a part of Riverside team.

I would like to thank all of the wellwishers of the band for your kind words adressed to me.

I would also like to thank the Shelters from the Fanclub, especially for the Saturday - it was a great pleasure to share the moment with you.

To our crew - I am so grateful for introducing me to this Riverside world of stage adventures and surprises.

Big thanks to Mariusz, Michał and Mitek for their trust, and Grudzień for the piece of himself and the passion that he left with us.

My deepest thanks go to my dear family - my wife, my daughters and parents-in-law, because it is the hardest thing for them and they still did support my decision simply for me to be in the professional world doing what I was best at, this being playing the guitar...

I might not manage to respond to all the posts and comments, but I’m grateful to each and every one of you for them. The last shows of ‘Wasteland Tour’ are ahead of us, there will be plenty of occasions to show gratitude.

See you!
Maciej Meller

photo: Radek Zawadzki

Riverside are a quartet again!!!


Riverside are a quartet again!!!

Dear friends, this is an incredibly important moment in the history of our band. From the beginning of February 2020, Riverside are officially not a trio any more, we are a quartet! It is with incredible joy that we would like to announce that the fourth official member of the band is...

Well, you can't have expected anyone else? :)

He's been with us for over three years. He let us recover from the tragic loss we have all experienced, he helped us survive and become, from year to year, a better and better live band. He has been our friend and our brother. We are welcoming him in our midst with great joy, in which we hope you will also share!

Ladies and gentlemen, on the guitars in Riverside: Maciej Meller!

Being a good guitarist and loving music is one thing, but being able to fit in with your personality, incredible modesty and humility, that's an incredibly important thing in our band. Maciej meets all the criteria and we are truly happy that he wants to continue our journey with us.


We still remember. And we still go back to the moment when, after we lost Piotr, in 2016, the massive amount of your support made us continue as Riverside. We were not ready to invite anyone to our family at that time. "Wasteland" had to be recorded as a trio. We simply had to cope with the loss on our own.

Now, it's high time for Riverside to have a guitarist in the line-up again, not only during live shows but also in the studio, when working on new material. So we are really pleased to let you know that after coming back from the final, spring edition of the Wasteland Tour 2020, together with Maciek, in the new line-up, we will start working on the eighth album.

The upcoming spring concerts will have a different character, a different tone, and Riverside will sound mightier than ever before. We would really like to see you there!

Last but not least - Piotr Grudziński will always be in our hearts, we all still love him and we will never forget him. But we have to move on. We are on a journey, they are waiting for us. There is more to create in this life, more to see, more to know, more to save. We hope that you will decide to stay with us again and that you will let us help one another through all of this.

We are here with you and for you.



photo by Radek Zawadzki

Wasteland Latin America Tour 2020


Wasteland Latin America Tour 2020

We are pleased to inform you that soon, at the beginning of April 2020, we will see you in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Santiago and São Paulo.

02.04 - Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, Mexico
04.04 - C3 Stage, Guadalajara, Mexico
07.04 - Teatro Teletón, Santiago, Chile
09.04 - Carioca Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Will you come? Would be great! See you there!

Finale of our 'wasteland adventure'


Finale of our 'wasteland adventure'

We’re coming closer to the big finale of our 'wasteland adventure'. The surround edition of the album with a bonus 'Acoustic Session' EP will be out in four weeks (29.11.2019), and the final concerts of the 'Wasteland Tour' have already been announced for March and April 2020. But let’s start with the new clip to our title composition, created by our friends from Sightsphere.

'Wasteland' is without a doubt one of our most important releases, thanks to which the band was born again. We’d like to thank all of you who have made it possible.

Riverside Live 2020: link

"Wasteland" Surround version preorder: link




And so we are returning with the final edition of Wasteland Tour. The last shows in Europe promoting our seventh studio album will take place in countries where the sun shines on a regular basis, hence the name of the tour - WASTELAND - WITH THE SUN TOUR 2020. We're counting on the sun to come out already in February and March :)

In our song "Acid Rain" you can hear the following words:

Living in a fallen land
With fallen minds
In an uncertain place without the sun
Where are we now?

Well, firstly, in this case, “without” wouldn’t make sense, secondly - if we still don't know where we are now, we know for sure where we will be in February and March 2020 :) We are truly happy to be going back to Spain, Italy, the Balkans, and finally, after a few (too many) years of absence, to Greece and Turkey.

We're preparing for you: a new setlist and lots of surprises!
See you in the following places:

29.02 - MILANO, LEGEND CLUB, IT - canceled
01.03 - TREVISO, NEW AGE CLUB, IT - canceled

Tickets: link