Friend or Foe?

10 January 2023

A new single from "ID.Entity" will be out in streaming tonight. It will be the last song from the album revealed ahead of its release date. Of course, the "single edit" version has the beginning clipped out, as we'd like to preserve that for when you hear the whole thing.

"Friend or Foe?" (the working title "Who Are You?") is definitely the bravest Riverside composition of the new decade. It shows that the band still have the potential to play music that's new and surprising. (Especially when you look at our 20-year-long career 😉)

But let us stress that the song sounds the fullest and most sensible in the album version, for which you'll have to wait only 10 more days 🙂

Enjoy and let us know your thoughts! 🙂

Art by Jarek Kubicki


PS. Video is coming on YT at 16.00 (CET)