Thank you all for coming to our concerts this year

06 November 2023

And so we've made it to the end of the 2023 tour promoting "ID.Entity". Thank you all for coming to our concerts this year.

The new album at the beginning of the third decade in our career was supposed to showcase Riverside's new identity with the new line-up and new energy. We wanted to share that energy with you during our live shows. The new album was supposed to help make our performances more dynamic and we believe we made it happen.

With every concert, songs from the new album worked better and better, and by the end of the tour, they worked so well that we wished we could record "ID.Entity" again 😉 Oh well, let this be the proof that Riverside on stage is still a different band than Riverside in the studio. And that finding it out in person at least once is highly recommended 🙂

"ID.Entity Tour 2023" was an incredible adventure. The setlist was prepared in such way that all the songs on it were somehow connected with the idea of identity. There were no tracks filled with anger or excessive melancholy. We also wanted to underline that the band and the audience are one united organism. Thank you for helping us achieve that. Especially towards the end of the tour when we could pull off a true show.

Last but not least, it was mentioned many times on stage, often in jest, how we are perceived by others, which was an obvious reference to the lyrics to "Friend or Foe", and the general message we wanted to convey during our shows: you should never give in to pressure or others' expectations, but follow your own path, your needs and your conscience. In other words, always be yourself.

We could be ourselves on this tour and for that we are truly grateful.

Thank you for your presence, your love and support.

Those were beautiful moments.

We're taking a well deserved break now to focus on our individual projects but we will be back in the spring of 2024 with more concerts and more news. We will start with the Cruise to the Edge 2024 and a tour across Latin America, then we'll play a few concerts in May and some big festivals in the summer. We will be quite busy! 🙂

For now, we're taking a bow. See you next year!


Photo by Radek Zawadzki