North American Id.Entity Tour 2023 summary

27 March 2023

It was a great tour!

We started promoting the new album, "ID.Entity", from high C - not only was it still winter, but we went across the pond as well. And we made it, and returned happy, fulfilled, safe and sound!

Thanks to all our American and Canadian fans and friends, who, in spite of weather challenges, came to our concerts. We're very sorry we couldn't get to Vancouver.

Thanks to our fantastic companions from The Cyberiam for complementing us so perfectly. Thank you to everyone involved in the tour - the promoters, clubs and everyone who worked there, our whole amazing crew and, last but not least, to all of you! As you might remember, Riverside got a new life with this new album - every time we asked "Who is seeing Riverside for the first time?", usually at least half of the audience raised their hands.

We already know that "Friend or Foe?" or "The Place Where I Belong" have become big concert hits which will very likely enter our set lists for good. All in all, the whole material sounds really good live. And if you still have doubts about our new album - well, you should go to one of our concerts because Riverside are truly at their best on stage 🙂.

One of the biggest compliments of "ID.Entity Tour" was this comment under one of our posts: "Riverside gave a stadium performance in a club for 500 people". Indeed, the new compositions help make our new tour incredibly dynamic. Thanks for being with us during the shows, for all the interactions and in general for being the fifth (the best) member of our band 🙂

By the way, Mariusz had decided to write a travel journal on tour and posted it in parts on his social media. Those parts are now available in one place:

Our next trip across the Pond will be the Cruise to the Edge 2024. We hope that some of you would like to meet us there again 🙂

Meanwhile, Europe, you're next! We will tour in the spring, in the summer, and in the autumn. It's high time 🙂

Let us remind you that you can book your tickets for our April dates in the UK and Scandinavia (where we haven't been for ages!) right here:

We will give you our autumn dates in the next two weeks.

Thanks again to all of you!

For your presence during the concerts, for your support, for buying our new album, for all the kind words!

May "ID.Entity Tour 2023" go down in history as one of our best tours! 🙂

We love you! R