Time Travellers remix and more dates

11 February 2016

Hello Everybody! This year we are starting with the new, remixed version of '

Time Travellers

', and this is just the beginning of surprises we have prepared for you in 2016. We have planned new releases, another videoclip, but first of all - the new gigs. At the very beginning of April we are starting another tour during which we will play songs from the new album and... something old.

Stay with us for more!


While loads of live-dates are still to be added in the coming weeks, here is a list of the shows that RIVERSIDE have announced so far:
RIVERSIDE Live 2016:
01.04.2016 Olsztyn (Poland) - Nowy Andergrant
02.04.2016 Gdynia (Poland) - Atlantic
03.04.2016 Poznań (Poland) - Eskulap
05.04.2016 Wrocław (Poland) - Zaklęte Rewiry
06.04.2016 Bydgoszcz (Poland) - M.C.K.
07.04.2016 Katowice (Poland) - Mega Club
08.04.2016 Rzeszów (Poland) - Pod Palmą
09.04.2016 Lublin (Poland) - Graffiti
11.04.2016 Łódź (Poland) - Wytwórnia
12.04.2016 Białystok (Poland) - Zmiana Klimatu
07.05.2016 Gettysburg, PA (USA) - Rosfest
11.06.2016 Olomouc (Czech Republic) - BRC Open Air
28.07.2016 Alsfeld (Germany) - Burg Herzberg Festival