The world premiere of „Out Of Myself” in April!

02 February 2004
Sometimes, life surprises you with quite unexpected situations, in which you have to make a quick decision that can influence your future. We experienced it a few days ago and as a result we have signed a contract with the American label, Laser's Edge.
At times, life plays tricks on you - after all, we were about to sign an agreement with the Swiss Galileo Records. Nevertheless, we think that we've chosen a better way for the band.
However, as the consequence of our decision, we won't play at the ProgSol Festival. Well, what can we say...
But we want to tell you what our contract brings in its wake, as it is more important now :-)))
First of all, our album will have entirely new artwork by Travis Smith (Anathema, Opeth, Katatonia, Devin Townsend et al). We had a moral dilemma concerning this but after talking to Pjephysh (the author of the Polish cover of "Out Of Myself"), we came to the conclusion that an occasion like this one may never happen again, and Pjepshysh himself considers Travis to be one of the best graphic designers.
"Out Of Myself" will be mastered again in the USA and we hope that it improves the sound of the album.