Riverside – New Generation Tour – report from America and the upcoming shows!

21 May 2013

Riverside continue ”New Generation Tour” - their longest tour ever - promoting latest album ”Shrine of New Generation Slaves” which has been enthusiastically received by the fans and reviewers. The band has just come back from the overseas leg of the tour, during which they visited the US and Mexico.

The experience is incredible, says Mariusz Duda, the band’s leader. You organize your own tour across the Ocean and the people actually come to see you (laughs). I think we’ve reached yet another level.

Up until now, our American experience has been to play at one, usually progressive, festival and a quick return home. This time we’ve also played at one of these—Rosfest. We even were the second day’s headliner, but what’s most important in the case of the first tour are those concerts at which your own audience shows up. And this audience was surprisingly huge for our American tour debut. In one place 150 people, in another—300, in Chicago—more than 500. We already know that we have to go back to the US next year. And Mexico has gained its fame as one of our most exuberant shows. The Mexican audience (almost 800 people) pumped us with adrenaline and wonderful emotions.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank everybody who came to our concerts, and we’d like to thank the people who devoted their time and energy to support us and help make one of our biggest dreams come true. This album and this tour is really the new beginning in our band’s career.

And because of that, after only a few days’ rest, the band comes back to play some more shows in Europe. This year’s 36th concert will take place this Wednesday in Majestic Music Club in Bratislava.

The full list of the upcoming shows can be seen below:

2013.05.22 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Majestic Music Club
2013.05.23 Budapest (Hungary) - Schiff A38
2013.05.25 Iasi (Romania) - Underground Pub
2013.05.26 Bucarest (Romania) - The Silver Church
2013.05.27 Sofia (Bulgaria) - Sofia Live Club
2013.05.31 Istambul (Turkey) - Refresh the Venue
2013.06.01 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Eightball Club
2013.06.02 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin 205
2013.06.04 Belgrad (Serbia) - Klub Fest
2013.06.05 Zagreb (Croatia) - Mocvara
2013.06.06 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Gala Hala Club
2013.06.08 Prague (Czech Republic) - Nová Chmelnice
2013.06.09 Wrocław (Poland) - Alibi (venue change!!!)
2013.06.23 Clisson (France) – Hellfest
2013.07.14 Węgorzewo (Poland) – Seven Festival
2013.07.20 Fulda (Germany) - Burg Herzberg
2013.07.26 Lichtenvoorde (the Netherlands) - Zwarte Cross

(more shows to be announced)

We’re pleased to inform that you can already watch the live video of ”Feel Like Falling” from this year’s Dutch concert, on the band’s official YouTube channel . Enjoy :)