Riverside starts working on the fifth album!

02 March 2012

After last year’s releases Memories In My Head and Reality Dream Trilogy and successful tours related to the band’s 10th birthday, Riverside starts working on another album.

I think that it’s high time for some new sounds, says Mariusz Duda, and I really mean new. Last year’s EP didn’t explore any new musical paths, it was a sort of a link to our beginnings. We have enclosed that period with this frame. And it’s high time we went on a different path which would neither be the musical continuation of the above mentioned EP, nor even of ADHD. What will come out of this—we shall see. For now, what we compose is really open, there are a lot of great melodies, the acoustic guitar is back, and the metal riffs evolved into more rock riffs. If we don’t screw it up on the way, it’s going to be a really powerful and mature album, one of the best we’ve recorded, if not the best.

This year the band is going to focus on recording the new album which should be released at the end of 2012, or the beginnig of 2013. It means we will have to wait some more for the final effect. But we have good news for the impatient fans: all the news about the studio work will be published on a special blog at www.riversideband.pl.

The band’s last full-lenght album was Anno Domini High Definition released in 2009. The new one, whose title we should know soon, will be released around the world by Century Media/Inside Out, and by Mystic Production in Poland. The band has renewed their contracts with those labels for the next two releases.