Michał Łapaj solo project

05 October 2016

Dear Friends,

Riverside has always been my musical home. Since my first rehearsal with the guys in 2003 I have known that I joined the people who have the same goal in life, the same power and the same sensitivity to music I always expected from being in a band. I looked back and saw some great time with friends, not only in the studio, but on tours, concerts, and everywhere else. It was both hard and enjoyable work, yet the bridge we walked has swayed.

Recent events have shown that life is an interesting player that can sometimes surprise us and attack where it is least expected. Check... but not mate. We have decided that despite the changes, we will stick together and continue to do what we do.

Latest events have pushed me to create a musical distraction from what I have been doing so far. To this musical home of ours I am now adding a new part, my part, where I will create my own world of music - my solo project.
The idea of going my way was born in my head a long time ago. I needed time to get mature enough to find the direction and put everything together. Tomorrow I am going into the studio.

What will it be like? For sure there will be room for the ambient part of my soul. It will be spatial and melodic. I will be revealing more secrets piece by piece and leave the rest to your imagination. All things associated with the new project and my activity as a musician will appear on the newly created official facebook Michał Łapaj which you are invited.

Stay tuned.
fot. paulina kimbar