Autumn live

05 September 2006

Good news for all those who want to see us live once more or for the first time - we will be promoting Second Life Syndrome again in September and October.
And here is the detailed list of the gigs we have planned:

09.09.2006 - Rock Against Terrorism Festival - Warsaw, PROGRESJA (PL)
You can buy the tickets in Traffic and Hej Joe in Warsaw, and also

ProgMetalFest Tour - Vanden Plas, Riverside, Aurora Project
14.09.2006 - Zaandam, DE KADE (NL)
15.09.2006 - Hardenberg, PODIUM (NL)
16.09.2006 - Helmond, PLATO (NL)
17.09.2006 - Vosselaar, BIEBOB (B)

29.09.2006 - Frankfurt am Main, DIE HALLE (D)

01.10.2006 - ProgPower Festival - Baarlo, JC SJIWA (NL)
We're happy and excited about performing at ProgPower Festival again. We're also really touched because it was at that festival two years ago when we began touring outside of Poland. We're coming back there on October 1st as the headliner. It makes us really proud. Thank you!!!

03.10.2006 - Essen, ZECHE CARL (D)

Second Live Syndrome II Tour - Riverside, Moonlight
05.10.2006 - Kraków, STUDIO (PL)
06.10.2006 - Katowice, MEGA CLUB (PL)
07.10.2006 - Łódź, MUSIC GARDEN (d. DEKOMPRESJA) (PL)
08.10.2006 - Toruń, OD NOWA (PL)
09.10.2006 - Gdynia, UCHO (PL)
10.10.2006 - Poznań, ZEPPELIN HALL (PL)
11.10.2006 - Wrocław, W-Z (PL)