A special edition 2CD+DVD 5.1 version of the “Wasteland”

20 September 2019

And so we've been talked into this yet again. It's our second encounter, after LFTM, with the surround sound. We're hoping that revisiting this release in a different dimension will bring you a lot of joy and positive feelings, especially that we're still touring with this material. As a bonus, we have prepared a few acoustic tracks in quite surprising arrangements.

We're hoping it will be an interesting experience!


A special edition 2CD+DVD version of the “Wasteland” album is scheduled for release on November 29th, 2019 via InsideOutMusic.

The ”Wasteland - Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Mix” 2CD+DVD will be released as Digipack format with Slipcase and includes a DVD bonus disc of “Wasteland” as Hi-Res Stereo 24bit version and as Surround Mix, plus 3 video clips („Lament”, „River Down Below”, „Wasteland”).

This special edition also contains 5 previously unreleased acoustic versions on a separate CD.

1. Vale of Tears - Acoustic (05:18)
2. Out of Myself - Acoustic (03:57)
3. 02 Panic Room - Acoustic (03:26)
4. River Down Below - Acoustic (05:01)
5. Wasteland - Live Intro (09:00)