25 March 2016

This picture was taken just before the last gig of the "Love, Fear and the Time Machine Tour 2015" in Stodola club in Warsaw. And this is exactly how we feel - bereft. It's been a month since Piotr passed away and we know that many of you are wondering about our future and our plans.

In our statement we wrote that we had decided to cancel all concerts confirmed for this year and that hasn't changed, Riverside won't play any gigs this year. But we are going ahead with our other plans for 2016.

Many months ago, before Piotr died, we made a plan to release one of our albums in 5.1 in the late spring/early summer of 2016 and a compilation of our instrumental tracks in the autumn of 2016. We also have individual plans and guest appearances with other musicians. Our biography has been in the making for over two years and it will be published towards the end of this year – we just didn't expect that it would contain an additional chapter and that its character would change.

We’ve always been like a family, we have stuck together and always taken care of that bond both on and off the stage. We have also said many times that we have the best fans in the whole world. Our band wouldn't exist without you, without your commitment and all the emotional links that have been created between us over the years. Your reactions and support we have received from you have surpassed our most daring expectations. We'd like to thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.

Will Riverside survive? We'll do everything to keep it alive. For in this world full of cynicism and hypocrisy, constant instability and changes quicker than our thoughts, we'd like to create something solid and meaningful that's based on the most important values. We would like to create it with you and for you because, as it turns out, our family is much, much bigger.