04 May 2018

The release of the new album is coming closer and so we are getting many questions from you. Is Riverside still the trio from the picture or the quartet from the live shows? And what's with the new album? Are you going to have guest guitarists or no guitar at all?

We know that it is unthinkable for many of you that Riverside should exist without a guitarist. The fact that we announced in the autumn of 2016 that we had become a trio and took a series of black and white photos of us at the seaside is one thing, but there were four of us on stage during the "Towards the Blue Horizon" tour in 2017. So what's the deal with the seventh album which the band is currently working on?

Here's our answer. Riverside is a band which connects a few worlds, a few places where we have certain divisions and some established schemes. Thanks to this structure the band have been going on and, as it turned out, are capable of surviving even the worst earthquake. For live shows, we had found a soul mate in Maciej Meller. Thanks to him we can still be a quartet on stage and sound like Riverside. In the studio, we want to be consistent and the new album is created by the three of us.

Maciej will guest in a few tracks but he will be the only guest guitarist on the album. Which does not mean he will be the only guest.

What can we say about the album at this point? Only that we have never had such emotional charge on any of our previous releases. We are recording our most mature and emotional album in the whole career. It will be intense, dark and very manly. Every minute of it will make it clear that we have suffered a tragedy, that we are now a different band, but also that we are survivors and, with our heads held high, we're proud to be Riverside. We are also aware that we're creating something big, something incredibly important, something that will be remembered for years. Will we succeed? That remains to be seen.

We'd like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you who believe in us, who have remained with us and who have joined us - thank you for your support and for being there for us. Soon, we will reveal more information and for now, we're sending Riverside greetings to all!

photo by Oskar Szramka