Tour Summary

07 April 2019

"Wasteland Tour 2018/2019" has definitely been our best one yet in very many respects. The autumn edition of 2018 was our greatest success and this year's spring leg has only added to that. It was really lovely to meet all of our friends and we'd like to thank you here for your support, devotion, and loyalty. It was also a great pleasure to meet those of you who came to our shows for the first time. A lot of you are quite young (not only at heart!), which means we must be doing alright. All in all, we've received a massive load of positive energy and made memories that will stay with us forever.

A big thanks also goes to Lesoir for being excellent companions and playing great shows. We wish you every success!

Thank you, Europe, for this wonderful time. Naturally, we're going to see each other here and there during a few summer festivals and one-off concerts, and then, in September, at more intimate shows in Poland and Germany, but another big European tour won't happen until after the release of our new album.

Meanwhile, we're getting ready for our biggest tour in the USA and Canada. Hey, you, on the other side of the Pond, do you still remember us?

Our warmest regards to all of you. Thanks for being with us.

Photo by Neil Clark