The premiere of „Second Life Syndrome” 31st of October

26 August 2005
We'd like to inform you that the worldwide premiere of "Second Life Syndrome" has been scheduled for the 31st of October 2005. The album will be released on Inside Out label in the world and on Mystic Production in Poland. Both releases will have the same graphic layout designed by Travis Smith. Also, we hope you'll be pleased to hear that there are going to be 9 tracks on "SLS" and not 8, as we announced before:

Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

Conceiving You
Second Life Syndrome
Artificial Smile
I Turned You Down
Reality Dream III
Dance With The Shadow

We have also planned a few gigs for the autumn:

24-25.09.2005 PROGRESISTE CONVENTION - Spirit Of 66, Verviers, Belgium
13.10.2005 Bluescafe, Apeldoorn, Holland
14.10.2005 Sijwa, Baarlo, Holland
19.11.2005 ECLIPSED FESTIVAL - Aschaffenburger Colos-Saal, Germany