Recordings of the seventh album has started

05 March 2018

Dear Friends,

We've just started recordings for the new, seventh Riverside album (traditionally, in Serakos Studio in Warsaw). It will be our first album recorded as a trio.

Because "our world ended" two years ego, we've decided that the new release will be "post apocalyptic" in nature. We've been toying with such sound for quite some time but now the story has gained a much deeper meaning.

And because of the "post-apo" nature of the album, the music will be much heavier and darker, but still atmospheric, full of soundscapes and with a lot of live instruments.

Most of the music has been written by Mariusz, who will now be responsible not only for acoustic but also for rhythm guitars. There will also be a lot of contributions from Michał.

There will be guests, most importantly Maciej Meller, so those of you who were now expecting only bass solos can breathe a sigh of relief ;)

What will our music without Grudzień be like? It will still be Riverside music. The new album will be different but it would have been different even if Grudzień was still with us. You know that we don't like recording two similar albums and so we are not intending to imitate the sound of one of our past releases. Our music has become more serious and more mature, so get ready for a manly and emotional album. The release date has been tentatively planned for the end of September this year.

Thank you for being with us.

Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradzki, Michał Łapaj

Photo Radek Zawadzki