Quartet again!

04 December 2003
The first days of December have brought us some good news.

Most importantly… attention… the drums… Riverside is a quartet again! The keyboard player, Michał Łapaj, has joined the band and there will be more information about him in the nearest future. It means that we will be able to give you some possible concert dates soon!

The second, quite interesting piece of news is that we've been invited to the progressive rock festival ProgSol which will take place in October 2004 in Solothurn, Switzerland.

There are some changes and new additions to the site as, after a short experience with the army, Sgt Pepper (a.k.a. Pjepsh) has come back :-))
Most of all, there are some photos from the trio-period of Riverside and from an unexpected meeting which took place in Progresja club in Warsaw (section PICTURES).

With the release of "Out Of Myself" there will be more information on this site about our first album: lyrics, translations and all sorts of descriptions and commentaries.
So, please, visit us from time to time – you're most welcome here!