11 August 2020

Dear Friends,
As some of you may have noticed, in these difficult pandemic times, Riverside have been publishing mainly memories and information about individual music projects on their social media. Why? Well, we are on a break until September 2020, but we're also busy going through live videos from the Wasteland Tour and getting our new rehearsal room ready 🙂

However, the break is slowly coming to an end, and we can promise you already that we will be back soon with new plans for the whole band!

In the meantime, just a reminder that September 18th will see the release of "Zenith", the solo album of Maciej (more info about it on his official profile: Maciej Meller) and somewhere around October/November (the date has not yet been agreed), the new Lunatic Soul album will be out, too. A bit earlier, on August 21st, Mariusz will publish his new single, "Are You Ready For The Sun", which you can already "pre-save" here -

Last but not least, the concerts in South America and Europe, which we had to cancel in 2020 - we'll be doing our best to reschedule them for 2021, as soon as the situation becomes a bit more stable. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Take care of yourselves and we'll keep in touch!

photo: Matteo Bassoli