Anno Domini High Definition

(2009, CD)
  1. Hyperactive 05:45
  2. Driven To Destruction 07:06
  3. Egoist Hedonist 08:56
  4. Left Out 10:59
  5. Hybrid Times 11:53
Bonus DVD: Live in Amsterdam
  1. Volte-Face
  2. I Turned You Down
  3. Reality Dream III
  4. Beyond The Eyelids
  5. Conceiving You
  6. Ultimate Trip (excerpt)
  7. Panic Room
  • Duration:
  • Label:
    Mystic Production (MYSTCD 081, MYSTCD 096), Inside Out (IOMCD 313, IOMSECD 313)
  • Release Date:
    June 15th, 2009 (Poland), July 6th, 2009 (Europe), July 28th, 2009 (North America)
  • Music:
  • Lyrics:
    Mariusz Duda
  • Recording:
    Studio-X (I-III 2009) Szymon Czech
  • Mix:
    Studio-X (I-III 2009) Szymon Czech
    Grzegorz Piwkowski - Higendaudio
  • Production:
    Riverside and Szymon Czech
  • Illustration, Design & Layout:
    Travis Smith @ Seempieces
  • Band Photos:
    Wojtek Kutyła
  • Guests:
    Rafał Gańko - trumpet in Egoist Hedonist
    Karol Gołowacz - saxophone in Egoist Hedonist
    Adam Kłosiński - trombone in Egoist Hedonist
  • Hyperactive

    It’s just another day of my life
    In the high res next gen wonderland
    I curse the sun
    Getting out of bed
    I hope my sell-by date
    Didn’t expire yesterday

    The torture porn on the red roy disc
    A sweet kiss of liquid modernity
    We have no time for your mistakes

    "Here, you have to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place."

    You’re too blurry my friend
    You’re too slow
    You’re too predictable
    Too below
    This is all I can hear in my mind
    When I try to believe
    I’ll stand the pace of this run

    Breathe in
    Breathe out

    It’s just another day of my life

  • Driven to Destruction

    I don’t know where to begin
    Feel a cleaving in my mind
    I can’t get my act together
    Buzz in my head is too loud
    I know something’s wrong with me
    It’s starting to burn out my soul
    But I feel so weird in here
    When you just sit, listen and nod

    All my life
    I’ve been trying to deny and deceive myself

    Sense of Insecurity
    The turning out
    Hatred for my inner chaos
    And the color of your couch
    I’ve just had this trouble all my life
    Of getting out what is inside

    Now I run
    But cannot hide

    No matter how much I do for them
    No matter how much I do for myself
    No matter which way I look at it
    Fulfillment passes me by

    Distracted inner self
    On the brink of chaos
    Lost its way

    Impatient inner self
    On the brink of chaos
    Lost its way

    Distracted inner self
    I’m tuning out

    Impatient inner self
    I’m spacing out

    Distracted inner self
    On the brink of chaos
    Lost its way

  • Egoist Hedonist

    I. Different?

    Once in the middle of the crowd
    I stopped
    Suddenly I felt so good
    Not being on the move
    But became an obstruction
    In your way
    And I was surprised
    How fast you could unite
    Against me

    When you forced me to the ground
    And tied my hands
    Certain I couldn’t disturb

    I saw the sadness in your eyes
    Your fear
    And the most secret desire:
    “Escape from here”...

    In pursuit of uniqueness
    And individuality
    We must be unlike anyone else
    To survive
    But in the mass of different runners
    Different lies
    We can’t make time to realize
    How the same we are

    II. Hedonist Party

    So let me live without your pain
    Just let me live without your pain
    Because I want to feel so...

    It’s not right
    It’s not fair
    When I am forced to live your life

    It’s not right
    It’s not fair
    When I am forced to live your life

    It’s not right

    Just let me live without your pain
    Just let me live without your pain
    Just let me live without your pain
    Just let me live without your pain
    Just let me live without

    III. Straw Man Dance

    This time you’re a borderline pass
    Here’s your reward
    Now smile
    After all
    You conform to us
    Drag on
    Forget yourself in the final dance

    You already know the steps

  • Left Out

    Huddled in the corner
    My lifeless stare is fixed
    On your silhouettes
    You’re disregarding me
    Passing me by
    Like I’m not even here
    Maybe I’m not
    Maybe I’m somewhere else

    I used to be one of you
    With the same spark in my eyes
    And now I don’t belong to this place
    It’s a matter of merciless time
    I wholly vanish

    The candle guttered out
    The beauty elapsed
    Could’ve been so wonderful


    One day we could’ve met
    And believed
    We might live that way
    Far away from the din
    Envious looks
    And chase for the prize
    We would have remained ourselves
    Without killing our feelings
    Day by day

    One day we could’ve won
    Without taking away
    Someone else’s pride
    We would have become strong
    Walking through our life side by side

    We could’ve missed another day
    Not knowing how to talk
    Where to go
    We could’ve missed another night
    Only... For what?

    The dream went away
    And you came
    With your dark hair loose
    Ruthless cold reality
    Oh, how I hate your truth
    Don’t turn your back this time
    Just look at my eyes
    I won’t break down
    I’m going to fight

  • Hybrid Times

    Come to me now
    I will host you
    I’m the alchemist of our times
    I know exactly what you need
    You’ve climbed so high
    You‘ve gone so far
    So you deserve something special

    Come to me now
    I will cure your soul
    I’m the savior of our times
    I know exactly what it needs
    You’ve let yourself go
    You’ve felt so down
    So my hi-tech salvation is just for you


    To be the best
    The most beautiful
    And above everyone
    Not allow oneself to be left behind
    Know what is what and what is out
    Aim for excellence
    And perfection you can only dream about

    Before my fame evaporates
    I must be at the top
    So I control my body
    Mental state
    Unable to slow down

    Before the final dusk appears
    I must do more than this
    It’s the only way to make it through
    In these hyperactive times
    It’s my obsession!

    At any cost
    More and more
    Can’t allow myself to stop
    The ice broke
    I’ll never give up


    Hi, it has been a while since last time
    I was certain I could live without
    All those private talks I couldn’t stand
    But now
    The truth is
    You’re the best friend I have...