Voices In My Head - Ghostland.com

Publication: 17 November 2005
Author: Kev Rowland
Note: none

This EP/mini-album has been released to satisfy the demand of those who can’t wait until Riverside’s second album ‘Second Life Syndrome’ is released on Inside Out in November. That release is eagerly awaited as there is no doubt that Riverside have become one of the most important Polish progressive bands in a very short period of time. So this is just to keep us going until then, and I don’t believe that any of these songs will be one the new album. The first five are new songs recorded at the beginning of the year while the last three show them in front of a very appreciative audience in Warsaw in 2004.

The large use of acoustic guitar with almost reflective keyboards gives their music quite a laid back stance, one that can be reminiscent of Camel but without the Andy Latimer-style guitar. The vocals blend together almost like a male Corrs, with the result that it is possible just to drift into their world, and a wonderful world it is. It is strange to think that they have yet to release their follow-up album as this is just full of maturity, the impression that they have been around for many years and not that they are fairly new to the scene. There hasn’t been a great deal said about them over here yet, but there will be. The website is available in English (luckily), and if you enjoy your progressive music then this is a band that you really should be looking out for.