Voices In My Head - Chaos Vault

Publication: 06 April 2005
Author: Patryk Chyła
Note: none

After the rip-roaring success of the debut, already cult LP, "Out Of Myself," Riverside recorded for their fans an EP with a few premiere compositions, which are developing some ideas from their first release. A small album but a big surprise. The band are still on a roll and skilfully build up the tension and anticipation for the next full album.

A different atmosphere, a lot of electronics, a truly mellow and delicate sound. The lovely, acoustic "Us," the perfect (with an awesome solo) "Acronym Love," or the fantastic, also based on acoustic sound, "The Time I Was Daydreaming" are gems on this album. Wonderful, sensuous ballads where the voice of Mariusz Duda divides and conquers. Apart from those, we can find here a bit radio-oriented (and very electronic) piece, "Stuck Between," and the most elaborate and diverse in all respects, an unsettling track with a strange title, "Dna ts. Rednum or F. Raf." Additionally, there are three live compositions which slightly differ from the original studio versions (especially the mind-blowing arrangement of "I Believe"). They bring to mind the concerts. Splendid concerts.

"Voices In My Head" has been released mainly for the fans waiting for the second LP. This is an EP which both eases the anticipation and makes it more intense. The stylistics of the compositions is really surprising for me. The album is definitely worth having, all the more so that it is a limited edition.