Reality Dream - Live DVD -

Publication: 23 February 2010
Author: Tommy Hash
Note: 5/5

This is probably one of the most long awaited long-time coming DVD release from Riverside as Reality Dream is the first real intricate live look inside one of nu-prog's finest. This set includes a full concert shot at Poland's Toya Studios - a special occasion for the band to recreate their "Reality Dream" concept in an intimate setting, which includes songs from the albums that built that trilogy - Out Of Myself , Second Life Syndrome, & Rapid Eye Movement.

The concert film shows the band playing a tight set, with a lot of visual effects that enhance the haunting performance, in fact the actual film that makes it to DVD features real 'reel film' effects itself (similar to what the movie Grindhouse did, but not quite as harsh), which do even more augmenting of this challenging and dark music - even the lighting is superbly done to a degree where the darkness in the venue itself lingers deeply. Tunes such as "Out of Myself," "I Turned You Down," "The Same River," "Parasominia" and "Dance with the Shadow" amongst other favorites are performed here, encompassing some of the best work that Riverside has done within the scope of those albums.

Also included are various bonus performances, professionally shot, but in more of a club type setting, Songs like "Back to the River," "Lucid Dream" & "Conceiving You" among others are played in various locations, the tunes there are within the scope of the show at Toya, but maybe being a little detached as well - even encore performances such as both "Before" and "Ultimate Trip" find their way into the bonus section, so you kind of see with the setlist of the actual show, that the twelve tracks performed bring forth a special atmosphere with performed together- making up an album unto itself. There is a film "Behind The Curtain" which shows the band setting up for the gig, the sound check, etc... it's various behind-the-scenes footage that shows all of this coming together with no interviews or anything like that, just exposing the metamorphosis of the show with the band's music playing through many of the scenes, any talking that is done is in their native Polish language and there are no subtitles - but it's all about the 'feel' of the feature with the use of various camera angles to create the fifteen minute film.

A must for Riverside and nu-prog fans, and a great opener for those who want to check this band out - their vast catalog has made them long overdue to do a live recording.