Out Of Myself - Heavy Metal Universe

Publication: 01 December 2004
Author: Seb
Note: 5/6

I don't know if the word 'metal' fits perfectly the music on this album, but as it reminds me of some metal-affiliated bands and as it contains some heavy rythms and nervous vocals, I guess it's a good way to define every side of RIVERSIDE. Anyway, 'Out of myself' is the first album of this Polish band which could be compared with ANATHEMA, PORCUPINE TREE or old MARILLION (Fish era). The music is a pretty calm and atmospheric progressive rock in the vein of MARILLION's "Fugazzi", but a bit stronger from time to time. A beautiful journey through deep emotions and quite dark atmospheres, played by very talented musicians. There's nothing unuseful from the beginning to the end, each single note is a stone on the wall of the album and has been placed carefully with all the cleverness needed by a progressive rock band. RIVERSIDE is a wonderful newcomer, with songs that run from 3 to 12 minutes and two great instrumentals, the whole with lots of genius and a crystal clear guitar play.