Out Of Myself - Gothtronic

Publication: 01 December 2004
Author: Lykle
Note: 8.7/10

Riverside's "Out of Myself" might be the surprising album of the year for many Opeth and Anathema fans. For the Polish band Riverside remind of Anathema, but they are more than a soulless copy of the famous English band. Riverside know how to mix the melancholical rock sound, with guitar work that sounds like it's just walked out of Anathema's "Judgement" album, with progressive rock/metal as we know it from Pain Of Salvation. Next to that the band contain a great singer in Mariusz Duda and they know how to write good songs. The artwork is beautiful as well, Travis Smith once again did a great job.

"Out of Myself" is a concept album about someone who has difficulties coping with himself and with the outside world. The music fits perfectly to the lyrics and radiates a lot of despair. Opener "The Same River" is brave; not many bands would dare to start with a 12-minute song that's mainly instrumental. The title track has been built up well and sets the fashion for the rest of the album: a fine symbiosis between progressive rock and melancholic atmospheres. Highlights are the beautiful "Loose Dream", which reminds of Opeth, the heart-warming ballad "In Two Minds", with a star role for the singer who proves he is equal to Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), and the epic "The Curtain Falls".

Great album!