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Publication: 25 August 2015
Author: Natalie Humphries
Note: 8/10

Love, Fear And The Time Machine is the brand new album from Riverside and if you’re looking for an ambient and chilled listen, you should really look no further than here.

The album has a magnificent flow to it, with each track gliding effortlessly from one to the next, and the vocals are smooth and controlled, adding emotion to the music whilst not being overwhelming – everything just gels together perfectly and it makes for a great listen. Indeed, Love, Fear And The Time Machine plays like a single track, whilst each song also has a unique identity in its own right – which is surely proof of a masterfully constructed album.

Second track Under The Pillow is a particularly striking inclusion. Beginning with atmospheric guitar, when the vocals kicks in it really helps to make the track become something magical and it progresses well from there, with things building up as more instrumentation is included, adding complexity and body to the piece, and really leaving an impression on you.

As a whole, you can’t really go wrong with this album. It would be nice to have a little more variation at times, but nevertheless this is a powerful and succinct release that will remain with you for long after it comes to an end.