Anno Domini High Definition - Power Of Metal

Publication: 07 June 2009
Note: 95/100

Riverside; album number four, the title consists of four words and the album is exactly 44:44 minutes long. Coincidence, not a chance in Hell, everything. Riverside does is thought through and planned into detail, and with 'Anno Domini High Definition' they are expanding their sound and style even further without evaporating their characteristic traits. They have just tweaked their style a bit and are introducing more power, energy and ease to their complex and significant sound.

This is flat out first class progressive metal from top to bottom! The references of old times to Tool, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater will still be brought up, but I feel that they have distanced themselves even further from these influences with this album, and reckon that the new vibes introduced on this album come from early 70's and bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rush nicely combined with a very modern and up-to-date sound. The album is a reflection of our times: a society which continues to develop at breathtaking speed, where materialism is God and people quickly lose focus on the important things in life.

has once more managed to outdo themselves, and 'Anno Domini High Definition' is another temporary artistic zenith in their impressive musical career and a perfect fusion of all the influences of the band; captivating melancholic and complex music, heartfelt and emotional songs performed with technical perfection.

The voice of bass player Mariusz Duda is emotion pure, guitarist Piotr Grudzinski shreds away with some amazing lead and rhythm work, but the biggest change comes in form of the warm and vintage sound of keyboard player Michal Lapaj use of; classic piano, Hammond organ and his latest addition; a Theremin, which can be heard on the last two songs on the album. Mariusz Duda proves that not only does he have an amazing voice, he is also one Hell of a bass player, and together with drummer Piotr Kozieradzki he forms one of the tightest and ambitious rhythm sections the progressive metal scene has to offer.

This cornucopia of progressive masterpieces is in my opinion one of the best releases this year, and it will surely help to establish themselves as one of Europe's premier progressive metal bands.