Anno Domini High Definition -

Publication: 20 May 2009
Author: Chuy
Note: 10/10

New album from the superb Polish band Riverside, incredible artists, one of my favorite bands, I really love their music and how they express their emotions; Anno Domini High Definition, the title, that makes reference to the birth of Jesus Christ; only five tracks, the album’s length is almost 45 minutes; they change the type of cover, in other albums they use paints of expressive faces and bodies, with dark colours, now they used a picture of a kind of shade walking on an illuminated street;

The album is excellent, the music is a little different at what they have being doing, it is a new era from Riverside, Mariusz said so last year in the ProgPowerusa Fest in Atlanta and right now they are experimenting with new sounds, less feeling at the way to play, it does not feel the pain, sorrow, sadness and grief in their music, is alike to Ultimate Trip’s theme, with energy, Mariusz’s voice is simply amazing, top vocalist, he sings with power, also he play the bass very well, I like so much when he stops singing and starts to play the bass amazingly; Piotr’s guitar has changed, different solos and rhythms, but his quality is showed, Michal’s keys sounds are more notable and happier, Mittloff continues playing technical and heavier, this band is unique.

With a doubt this long play will be one of the bests of the year, please buy it.