Voices In My Head - artrock.pl

Publication: 03 May 2005
Author: Anorak
Note: 7/10

The herald of the forthcoming Riverside's album is an EP "Voices In My Head." It consist of eight tracks and can be divided into two parts: I – the first five, which are a sort of appetizer before the main course, II – the last three pieces, which are a dessert. The EP has been beautifully issued, with my favourite colours (black-and-white but predominantly black,) in slightly bluish crystal case bringing to mind RYKODISC boxes (the label of bands like Morphine.)


These pieces are exactly what I've been waiting for. Despite the fact that only one of them is a bit longer, they all have the aura of mystery which Riverside have already familiarized us with. This is not a continuation of the first album ("Out Of Myself"), but it wasn't meant that way. They're heralding a different album, though in Riverside's already recognisable style. Each of the tracks leaves us in anticipation of the next full album and with uncertainty whether any of them appear on it, whether the most exciting of them, "DNA ts. Rednum of F. Raf" will be developed? Officially, none of them will make it to the second album, but who knows... "The Time I Was Daydreaming" reverberates of one of the most interesting releases of the 90s, "The Sky Moves Sideways" – a truly beautiful piece. So will it be a nostalgic album or will we find there a forceful scream of power? One thing is certain for most of us – we're going to buy the second album without a moment's hesitation.


The last three tracks in short but beautiful live versions are a tribute to the fans who come to see the quartet's concerts by hundreds. And there were as many in Traffic club on 15 May 2004, when the pieces were recorded. Personally, I most fondly remember their gig in Wroclaw when you could hear, "IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME."

Follow my name
Follow my sin
Wearing my mask
Cover my fear

All of my blame
All in my place
Wearing my mask
Cover my shame

We are so far from understand
We are so far from
"we can take"