Voices In My Head - Aktivist

Publication: 01 May 2005
Author: edisrevir
Note: 4/5

We wrote a full-of-superlatives review of "Out Of Myself" and the material was also appreciated by others, not only in Poland. Riverside's debut album was issued worldwide in the autumn last year. Such differences between the release dates put bands in an awkward position. Usually, it takes a few months before a finished album is released and if the dates are different for different countries, there is a certain block. Fortunately, there are also EP's. "Voices In My Head" is exactly such "material in between." What is more, none of the tracks from in will appear on the second album, which makes this release even more exclusive. The five première compositions show a different side of Riverside – the more oneiric one, as the pieces are seemingly more mellow and delicate, however, in their live versions they sound ever so powerful. Three tracks rounding up the EP were recorded during the final concert of the last year's tour promoting the debut album. This live dessert is another proof of the class of the Warsaw quartet.