21 November 2022

We had never been especially lucky with photoshoots, they never seemed to fully reflect our identity. Possibly because we used to simply go for the "and-now-gloomy-stares-number-6" kind of photos. Some of us came from metal background so we just had to keep convincing ourselves and everyone else that we look our best when we are dead serious. Most bands were doing that, and so were we.

It was clashing with our live shows later because we are not that serious on stage. That is, we are, but we also have some distance towards ourselves, which is hopefully plain to see in our interactions with the audience and with each other.

The new album, which you will be able to listen to in its entirety on January 20th, opens up new possibilities. As it talks about identity, it's probably a good excuse to reflect on how we are perceived by others, and what bubble we have been put in. Each of us. Are we seen the way we'd like to be? And if not, why is it so? In our case, our image was definitely heavily influenced by our past promo pictures.

Today, as you can see, we are not one of those bands with gloomy stares number 6. And we owe a lot of it to you, because we feel accepted, so we can be ourselves. And also, in spite of all those years filled with different kinds of rises and falls, I think we still like each other a little.

Blackness is close to us so we're not giving up on it, but it does not have to make us behave like most rock bands dressed in black.

Next week we'll have our new single for you, as well as our new clip which is very much connected to this photo.

Photo by Radek Zawadzki