The last week of mixing

16 August 2022

Can you remember what I wrote about deadlines? For me, the new Riverside album is one of the biggest challenges in my career. Either that, or I have simply forgotten it's always been like that.

"Complete everything in less than three months!" I put an exclamation mark at the end of the sentence which opened my new notebook, just below yet another one-word title. There was also a moment of crisis. That's when I changed the exclamation into a question mark. Which made it more current as well, as the lyrics on the new album criticise, among others, the turbocapitalist thrust forward at the expense of everything that's really important in life. But later, exactly because the lyrics are more current than ever, I erased the question mark and replaced it with three exclamation marks. Work on the new album has been going on simultaneously in two studios, The Boogie Town Studio in Otwock and Studio Serakos in Warsaw, ever since we came back from the tour of the US and Latin America. There will be seven tracks on the main disc and two instrumental ones on the bonus disc. Will it be a good release? Can Riverside still surprise you in any way? Yes and yes. Provided, of course, that we will make it to the end of this week .

Keep your fingers crossed!