Lunatic Soul II - this year!



Mariusz Duda is currently composing the material for the new Lunatic Soul album. This time prepare for a "white album."

"Since the beginning I've seen the two first albums as a diptych. The white and the black piece. No album titles, just the name and the logo. The black album is a passage to the side of death, and the white one is a passage to the side of life. I see the cover as a negative reflection of the debut album. Right now I'm in the middle of composing new songs, so the winter scenery outside is very welcome."

The "white" Lunatic Soul or "Lunatic Soul II" is going to be - assures Duda - an album "full of mysterious atmosphere, weird sounds and sophisticated instruments. An attempt at agreeing between good songs and open form and experiment." He adds, "now more than ever I'd like to use my voice in a non-standard way."

The names of the other musicians and guests working on this project will be known soon. The second Lunatic Soul album will be again recorded at the Serakos studios in Warsaw. It will already begin in February/March this year. The expected release date is autumn 2010.

Labels: KScope (Worldwide) and Mystic Production (Poland).

Two special shows with Riverside and Guests


After the very succesfull shows during the last ADHD tour Riverside will return to The Netherlands and Germany with a unique festival package called :

An Evening with Riverside and Guests

We are pleased to present two great bands as our guests:
Pure Reason Revolution (UK) and Jolly (USA)

The dates are:

Friday 23 april 2010
013, Tilburg The Netherlands
Tickets - here

Saturday 24 april 2010
Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
Tickets - here

Both evenings will start at 19.00 !
These will be the only Riverside headline club shows in 2010 for the Netherlands and the NRW area in Germany.

We especially advise you to be quick regarding the tickets for 013!

During the last 5 shows in the Netherlands and 1 show in Belgium, we had a total of 3000 visitors which is more than the 013 can hold :)

See you there!

Anno Domini 2009 - summary


2009 was one of the most intensive (if not THE most intensive) years in the band's history. First of all, the new album "Anno Domini High Definition" that appeared for the first time on foreign sales charts, in the Netherlands and Germany among others, and in Poland reached the first place of OLIS sales chart, after what it became gold. Second, the concerts promoting the album, gathering the biggest audience in the band's history, both in Poland and abroad (e.g. only at 6 ADHD concerts in the Nethelands and Belgium 3000 people came to see us live. On the whole tour - over 20 000). Third, "Reality Dream DVD," recorded in May 2008, summarising the Reality Dream trilogy, finally with the image.

All of the above happened thanks to joint commitment of people supporting us, our friends and fans, whom we would like to thank cordially and hyperactively. You are great and it is thanks to you that we are able to move forward constantly. However, this year we are planning to slow down a bit in order to charge our batteries. But not for so long as to let you forget about us :)

We will let you know about our nearest-future plans very soon.

Take care,


Riverside in Russia


Two last concerts this year of Riverside's Anno Domini High Definition Tour are soon to come!
On 12th December Riverside will have their concert in St. Petersburg in Zal Ozhidaniya club. Next day you'll be able to meet them in Moscow's club Tochka.

You're all invited! :)


12.12 - St. Petersburg "Zal Ozhidaniya" - (
13.12 - Moscow "Tochka" - (



“Once in the middle of the crowd... I stopped...”

...but only for a while. Because the European Anno Domini High Definition tour starts on October 26th. The Polish tour is unfortunately over now. We would like to sincerely thank all the people who risked it and showed up in crowds at the concerts promoting our new album. After the first 20 shows it appeared that the Polish tour ended with the greatest turnout success so far in the history of Riverside's tours - almost 9000 hyperactive fans saw us live. It wouldn't have been possible if not for the commitment of all our tech-crew thanks to which the concerts proceeded smoothly and on the highest level. So again, thanks to the crew. Also, big thanks to the guys from Disperse and Division by Zero for co-operation, and again thanks to all of those who came, listened to, saw, and at least partially switched over from black to red. See you next time and keep your fingers crossed for us playing the European tour.

Speaking about the European tour, we have some news for all those who are willing to attend it:

1. The merchandise stand will be selling the limited edition of Anno Domini High Definition on 180g red vinyl together with a poster and a badge. So all of you vinyl-lovers - get ready!

2. Please remember about the additional concert in France. It will take place in Riom (more or less 10 minutes by car from Clermont Ferrand) at La Puce à L’oreille club.

3. After certain changes the final deal is that in Rome (Nov 9) we will play at CROSSROADS LIVE CLUB, and in St. Petersburg (Dec 12) at ZAL OZHIDANIYA - so don't tell us later that we didn't say anything :)

4. The concerts in the Dutch towns Uden and Zwolle are already sold out. Sorry!

That's all folks! See you!

Red Roy & Riverside



  • 26 X 2009 20:00 AUW KERK - Bunde (NL)
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 28 X 2009 20:00 PATRONAAT - Haarlem (NL)
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 29 X 2009 19:30 POPPODIUM ROMEIN - Leeuwarden (NL)
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 30 X 2009 21:00HEDON - Zwolle (NL) - SOLD OUT -
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 31 X 2009 19:30 DE PUL - Uden (NL) - SOLD OUT -
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 01 XI 2009 19:30 BIEBOB - Vosselaar (BE)
  • 03 XI 2009 20:00 ZECHE - Bochum (DE)
  • 04 XI 2009 20:00 LE GRILLEN - Colmar (FR)
    support: Cloverseeds
  • 05 XI 2009 20:00 LA PUCE à L’OREILLE - Riom (FR)
    support: Cloverseeds
  • 06 XI 2009 20:00 SALAMANDRA SALA2 - Barcelona (ES)
    support: Harvest
  • 08 XI 2009 20:00 ROCKPLANET - Cervia (IT)
  • 09 XI 2009 20:00 CROSSROADS LIVE CLUB - Rome (IT)
    support: Moongarden
  • 10 XI 2009 20:00 ZOE CLUB - Milan (IT)
  • 11 XI 2009 20:00 Z 7 - Pratteln (CH)
    support: Prisma
  • 13 XI 2009 21:00 COLOS-SAAL - Aschaffenburg (DE)
    support: Knight Area
  • 14 XI 2009 20:00 LA LOCOMOTIVE - Paris (FR)
    support: Jadalys
  • 15 XI 2009 19:00 O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON - London (UK)
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 16 XI 2009 19:00 ROBIN 2 - Bilston, Wolverhampton (UK)
    support: The Pineapple Thief
  • 18 XI 2009 LOGO - Hamburg (DE)
  • 19 XI 2009 20:00 SAGE CLUB - Berlin (DE)
  • 26 XI 2009 22:00 KLUBI - Tampere (FI)
  • 27 XI 2009 22:00 LUTAKKO - Jyväskylä (FI)
    support: Adamantra
  • 28 XI 2009 21:00 NOSTURI - Helsinki (FI)
    support: Ageness
  • 12 XII 2009 ZAL OZHIDANIYA - St. Petersburg (RU)
    support: Sense of Touch
  • 13 XII 2009 TOCHKA - Moscow (RU)



The biggest so far Riverside tour starts in three weeks. The 44 concerts before the end of the year will be promoting the latest, incredibly well received album "Anno Domini High Definition". The material from the new album and some songs lately not played live (or not at all) will be presented at the European tour from September 23rd on. The tickest are available at the venues and at the organisers'.
Hope to see you there!

The dates and venues are as follows:

23.09.09 – BIAŁYSTOK - club „GWINT”
25.09.09 – EŁK - club "E.C.K." + Disperse
26.09.09 – OLSZTYN - club "C.E.I.K." + Disperse
27.09.09 – GDAŃSK – club „PARLAMENT”
28.09.09 – GDYNIA – club „UCHO”
29.09.09 – TORUŃ – club „OD NOWA” + Division by Zero
01.10.09 – POZNAŃ – club „ESCULAP” + Division by Zero
02.10.09 – SZCZECIN – club „SŁOWIANIN” + Division by Zero
03.10.09 – BYDGOSZCZ – club „ESTRADA”
04.10.09 – ZIELONA GÓRA – club "KAWON" + Division by Zero
06.10.09 – WROCŁAW – club „WZ” + Division by Zero
07.10.09 – OPOLE - club – "M.O.K." + Division by Zero
09.10.09 – KRAKÓW – club „ROTUNDA” + Disperse
10.10.09 – BIELSKO BIAŁA – club „RUDE BOY” + Disperse
11.10.09 – KATOWICE – club „MEGA club”
13.10.09 – RZESZÓW – club "POD PALMĄ" + Disperse
14.10.09 – LUBLIN – club „GRAFFITI” + Disperse
16.10.09 – RADOM - club "STREFA G2" + Disperse
17.10.09 – ŁÓDŹ - Hala TOYA Studio + Disperse, Division by Zero
18.10.09 – WARSZAWA – club „PROGRESJA” + Disperse, Iluzjon

26.10.09 – (NL) BUNDE - club „AUW KERK” + The Pineapple Thief
28.10.09 – (NL) HAARLEM - club "PATRONAAT" + The Pineapple Thief
29.10.09 – (NL) LEEUWARDEN - club "POPPODIUM ROMEIN" + The Pineapple Thief
30.10.09 – (NL) ZWOLLE – club „HEDON” + The Pineapple Thief
31.10.09 – (NL) UDEN – club „DE PUL” + The Pineapple Thief
01.11.09 – (BE) VOSSELAAR – club „BIEBOB”
03.11.09 – (DE) BOCHUM – club „ZECHE”
04.11.09 – (FR) COLMAR – club „LE GRILLEN”
06.11.09 – (ES) BARCELONA – club „SALAMANDRA 2” + Harvest
08.11.09 – (IT) PINARELLA di CERVIA – club "ROCKPLANET"
09.11.09 – (IT) ROME – club „CIRCOLO DEGLI ARTISTI” + Moongarden
10.11.09 – (IT) MILAN - club – "ZOE"
11.11.09 – (CH) PRATTELN – club „Z7” + Prisma
13.11.09 – (DE) ASCHAFFENBURG – club „COLOS-SAAL” + Knight Area
14.11.09 – (FR) PARIS – club „LA LOCOMOTIVE”
15.11.09 – (UK) LONDON – club "O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON" + The Pineapple Thief
16.11.09 – (UK) BILSTON, WOLVERHAMPTON – club „ROBIN 2” + The Pineapple Thief
18.11.09 – (DE) HAMBURG - club "LOGO"
19.11.09 – (DE) BERLIN - club "SAGE club"
26.11.09 – (FI) TAMPERE – club „KLUBI”
27.11.09 – (FI) JYVÄSKYLÄ – club „LUTAKKO” + Adamantra
28.11.09 – (FI) HELSINKI – club „NOSTURI” + Ageness
12.12.09 – (RU) St. PETERSBURG – club „ZAL OZHIDANIYA” + Sense of Touch
13.12.09 – (RU) MOSCOW – club „TOCHKA”

„ADHD” - the best-selling album in Poland!!!


It is a pleasure to inform that "Anno Domini High Definition" has reached the first place of the official sales list ("OLIS").

Last week it debuted on the sixth place, and this week it has reached the first.
It is an honour for us and we would like to thank everybody who has bought our latest record!



Exactly 44 minutes and 44 seconds will be the length of the upcoming, fourth Riverside album entitled “Anno Domini High Definition”, the most energetic and rockin’ record of the band. The material recorded in Studio X in Olsztyn will be released worldwide on June 19th, 2009 by InsideOut, and on June 15th, 2009 in Poland by Mystic Production. The booklet layout has again been designed by Travis Smith.

There will be five pieces on the album:

1. Hyperactive
2. Driven to Destruction
3. Egoist Hedonist
4. Left Out
5. Hybrid Times

Some of them will be played at the forthcoming Riverside concert – on April 26th in Studio club in Kraków.
More details concerning the new album can be found on a special website

„Out of Myself” on vinyl!


The next Riverside on vinyl, after the live LP "Reality Dream", is the band's debut album "Out of Myself", a limited edition of 1000 copies,
released by Primal Vinyl Records. The release date is 16th March, 2009.

Anno Domini High Definition - New details and the studio report!


Riverside is working on the new album - "Anno Domini High Definition". The band has already begun recording, this time in Studio X in Olsztyn. We keep you up-to-date with the process of creation on a special "record" website -

Mariusz Duda: "We have gone from Warsaw, we have changed the studio and the producer. We care deeply about creating a coherent record and that is why most probably there are only going to be 5 songs on it. The material will be energetic, multifarious, and - I hope so - very good for live performances. It will be a story about liquid modernity, life in a constant hurry, stress and anxiety about the future. A picture of our times in 1920 x 1080 definition."

The expected release date is June 2009.

More details soon...

Reality Dream CD and LP


We have some copies of "Reality Dream" left. CD version is available in Laser's Edge on-line store and LP's you can find on our eBay auctions through BUY NOW option.