Publication: 01 December 2005
Interviewee: P.KOZIERADZKI

Piotr Kozieradzki of Riverside took the time out to kindly answer another round of our in-brief interview series. The replies to these standardized questions can be read below.

Please tell us your name and position in the band.
My name is Piotr Kozieradzki, I’m the drummer.

Please give me an update on the current status in your band.
What’s new? A lot! Our second album called Second Life Syndrome has already been released, we’ve received good press, we’ve managed to play few gigs and now we’re violently busy answering number of interviews.

Could you give me a detailed report on how the studio recordings of your latest album have progressed?
We started recording in June. First, we’ve recorded drums in Hard Studio in Warsaw, after that we continued our efforts [recording & mixing] in Serakos studio by August 31st.

Please elaborate on the musical development and progression in your band, if possible.
It’ll be difficult. I hope, everybody can see and hear our progression. We’ve tried to crystallize our style. We have already drawn the conclusions from our experiences during Out of Myselfrecording, those conclusions we’ve applied in Second Life Syndrome composing and recording. We’re trying to find our own path. And I trust more and more original path. You can hear it on our new record. I hope ...

What will presumably happen to your band in the near future?
We have broad plans. When we are through with the interviews, we’re going to lock ourselves in our rehearsal room and work on our third album. In March – April we’re planning a 30-gigs tour all around Europe. I hope that in July we’ll visit USA with some pieces. These are the nearest Riverside plans.

Please elaborate on your musical backgrounds in order to shed some light on your current activities.
I’m self-taught person. I’ve never been in the musical school, I had only a few lessons. In my opinion, I have a considerable experience. I’ve recorded a lot of records, mostly in death and black metal bands. The drummer’s style in such bands is completely different from my today’s style in Riverside. All is completely different, maybe except the drumsticks. In Riverside I’m using only a small part of my death metal experience. This small part is playing with “power”, I’m hitting stronger, hehe...

What crucial moments in your life made you decide to become a musician?
I love music. Various music. But fact, that I’ve started to play drums, is owed to Slayer and their South of Heaven. After I’ve heard this album, I decided that I should play this music, I should learn to play some instrument. Guitar had no chance because of my hands. Only percussion was left. You know, a big guy with big instrument, like Gene Hoglan. First I tried on a devastated instrument in the cellar in my tenement. Results weren’t so bad, so I became drummer. Now, I cannot imagine my life without drums.

What activities are you involved in besides this specific band?
Now Riverside is my only band I am involved with. I have no time for other projects. Before Riverside I played in few bands [Hate, Domain], I’ve recorded some drums on records of many metal bands [Goetia, Thunderbolt]. But now, Riverside takes all my free time, I’m concentrated only on it, I don’t need anything more. I’m fully satisfied!

What is your biggest musical achievement so far?
Definitely Riverside. All the rest – it’s just a school. I’m not copying my faults from the beginning of my musical career. I’ve recorded about 15 albums, I’ve learned a lot.

What is the least enjoyable experience you’ve had as a musician so far?
Cooperation with our former keyboardist Jacek Melnicki. It was a nightmare, I’m happy, it came to an end.

For better or worse? Yielding commercial success with your music, but achieving negative reviews from the press?
Till now reviews are good and sale is going well. No reasons to feel sad.

For better or worse? Having the chance to undertake a large-scale tour, but only few people turn up at the venue, which is really low-standard?
Gigs are very important for our band. We played in terrible conditions with 25-person audience [gig in Frontline / Gent] and before 650 persons on ProgPower. Both gigs we’ve played in the same way. Both were important. There is no place for better or worse. We’re playing in the same way. If someone came and paid for the ticket – we should do our best. We can’t be prepared only for good conditions. Fortunately, most of our gigs are on high sound and visual level.

If you could ask your biggest idol any question… who would it be, and what’s the question?
A lot of such persons... I don’t know.... Maybe David Gilmour. Question would be easy: why doesn’t he play gigs with Pink Floyd?

Feel free to add a final comment.
Thanks for the interview and support. Welcome to our gigs on “Second LIVE Syndrome Tour 2006”. We hope, we’ll manage to play at least one concert in Denmark!