„Second Life Syndrome” and „Rapid Eye Movement” on vinyl in March 2011.


SLSREMIt's been confirmed that around March 2011 more Riverside albums will be released on vinyl. This time it will be the second and third part of the Reality Dream trilogy. The label responsible for that release will be Inside Out.

The fans of the black circles may also be interested in the fact that in January 2011 Kscope will release the second Lunatic Soul album on vinyl. You can order it now here.

Riverside starts working on the new material.


After the intensive promotion of "Anno Domini High Definition" Riverside goes back to composing new material. And although ADHD´s successor is to be released no earlier than 2012, some cool things are being prepared for the upcoming year.

"We´ve begun working on the new album, or actually two albums. Because except for the usual long album we'd also like to release a minialbum," says Mariusz Duda. "Why? Well, the band was formed in 2001 so next year it's our tenth birthday. We'd like to celebrate and highlight this anniversary in some way. So next year we're planning to go on anniversary tour not only with invited guests but also something more--a release specially prepared for this occasion, only available at the concerts. So now we're working both on the new album and the above mentioned EP. A short break was good for us because now we have really good ideas."

Soon more information about the anniversary tour and the upcoming releases.

LUNATIC SOUL II - World Premiere 25.10.2010!!!


LSIIOctober 25th, 2010 has been set as the release date of the second album of Lunatic Soul, a project conceived by Riverside's singer and bass player Mariusz Duda. The white album, a continuation of 2008's black album, constitutes the second and last part of the diptych about the journey through the underworld.

Mariusz Duda: It will again be a story about a journey through a place that exists somewhere in-between, enriched with new motifs and retrospections. A sort of a road movie about a lost soul. Musically speaking perhaps more intense and unsetting than the first part but with the predominance of certain space and lightness that can be--I hope so--associated with the colour white. Hence, the album is a sort of a continuation but certainly not a repetition.

The majority of the instrumental parts are played by Mariusz Duda himself. However, the guest musicians appear this time as well, for instance already known from the previous album Maciej Szelenbaum (keyboards, flutes, quzheng) or Wawrzyniec Dramowicz from Indukti (drums). The new album will be released in Poland by Mystic Production, and in the rest of the world by (know for the work with such bands as Porcupine Tree or Anathema) the British label Kscope.

Listen to "Wanderings".

The tracklist of Lunatic Soul's white album:

1. The In-Between Kingdom
2. Otherwhere
3. Suspended In Whiteness
4. Asoulum
5. Limbo
6. Escape from ParadIce
7. Transition
8. Gravestone Hill
9. Wanderings

Lunatic Soul – new album coming soon!


LSII Mariusz Duda is just about to finish recording the material for his second album Lunatic Soul II. As it was the first time, everything takes place in the Serakos studio in Warsaw and is supervised by Robert Srzednicki and Magda Srzednicka. At the moment the work is focused on the vocal parts. The mixing and mastering of the material is due in August. Lunatic Soul's white album is a continuation of the debut. It is the second part of the diptych about the journey through the land of the dead. "White"—because this album's cover is… the negative image of the first one.

"There is a little fear that the listeners, seeing a white cover with the characteristic sign and logo 'lunatic soul' but without any '2' or 'II,' will think that it is a kind of re-release of the first album," says the author of Lunatic Soul. "That's why I'd like to highlight that it's going to be entirely new material, and the cover looks as it looks because since the beginning it was supposed to be a black and white diptych. Lunatic Soul is simply a double album divided into two single ones by the period of two years' anticipation. And now there comes the time for its second and last part."

"It's still a story about the journey through the afterworld, and more specifically about a journey through a certain place that exists somewhere in-between. White doesn't refer here to a literal return to life. The protagonist will still remain on the other side. White doesn't mean that instead of dark sounds we'll hear happy songs and nightingales singing, either. It will still be very characteristic, trans-like, and (as I like to call it) oriental-alternative musical journey. In many places maybe even a little more oriental and maybe more unsetting. For instance, in one of the songs the protagonist will find himself surrounded by four white naked walls, dressed in... a straitjacket. Of course I wanted to create a lot of "light" sounds, a certain kind of lightness, on this album. And I admit that in many moments—with the help of Robert and Magda—I've accomplished exactly what I was dreaming of. It will surely still be a blend of everything I like, from Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel from IV or Passion , through films and books about ghosts, up to my favourite Silent Hill, yet I can already hear that the second album, despite the continuation, will sound differently. I hope, though, that the sounds on it will not leave the majority of the lunatic souls indifferent."

The majority of the instrumental parts are played by Mariusz Duda himself. However, the guest musicians appear this time as well, for instance already known from the previous album Maciej Szelenbaum (keyboards, flutes, quzheng) or Wawrzyniec Dramowicz from Indukti (drums).

The new album will be released in autumn this year, in Poland by Mystic Production, and in the rest of the world by (known for the work with such bands as Porcupine Tree or Anathema) the British label Kscope.

Riverside - two Polish concerts this year!


We're glad to announce that two 2010 Riverside concerts in Poland have already been confirmed.

1. The first one will take place in Szczytno on August 12th (Thursday), the first day of the Open Mind Festival (that will last until August 14th). Many independent music bands will play there, and Riverside will give their show just before the British group THE CULT.

2. The second one will take place in Spodek (Katowice) at this year's Metal Hammer Festival. On August 27th (Friday) Riverside will play among such bands as KORN, OPETH and KATATONIA.

CU There!

Riverside live in Greece and Turkey


After the successful mini-tour in the Western Europe Riverside moves south. For the first time in history the band will visit such countries as Greece, Bulgaria, and Hungary. There will also be concerts in Turkey, Austria, and Slovakia.

Riverside are going to promote their latest album Anno Domini High Definition there. Except the ADHD material you will be able to listen to some songs from the previous albums, all constituing an energetic, hyperactive set. At the merchendise stand you will be able to purchase special tour t-shirts, ADHD on vinyl, and the latest Riverside DVD--Reality Dream.

Everyone's invited!

07.05.2010 - Rodeo Live Club, Athens, Greece
08.05.2010 - Principal Club, Thessaloniki, Greece
09.05.2010 - Blue Box Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
11.05.2010 - Studio Live Club (in Taksim), Istanbul, Turkey
14.05.2010 - Szene Club, Vienna, Austria
15.05.2010 - Majestic Music Club / Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia,
16.05.2010 - Schiff A38, Budapest, Hungary

See you there!

The end of mini-tour


The Monday concert in Switzerland's Z-7 club ended the mini-tour "An Evening with Riverside and friends" the friends being Pure Reason Revolution and Jolly. It was fantastic! There was a lot of interest in the tour - over 1000 people came to see us only in Tilburg. All the bands had a great time together also out of stage. We would like to thank the audiences, the bands and the whole crew. You guys are amazing!

See you next time!

Here We Go Again!


After a few months of break Riverside is going to play some concerts. Already this Friday, the 23rd of April, they will play in Tilburg's 013 club with Jolly and Pure Reason Revolution, which will be the beginning of a new series of shows constituing another leg of the Anno Domini High Definition tour.

Let's hope that the special guests, changes in setlist and some musical surprises will be encouraging enough for those who hasn't decided to go yet. ;)

The list of the upcoming concerts is as follows:

23.04.2010 - 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands
24.04.2010 - Turbinen Halle, Oberhausen, Germany
25.04.2010 - Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
26.04.2010 - Z-7, Pratteln, Switzerland
07.05.2010 - Rodeo Live Club, Athens, Greece
08.05.2010 - Principal Club, Thessaloniki, Greece
09.05.2010 - Blue Box Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
11.05.2010 - Studio Live Club (in Taksim), Istanbul, Turkey
14.05.2010 - Szene Club, Vienna, Austria
15.05.2010 - Majestic Music Club / Randal Club, Bratislava, Slovakia,
16.05.2010 - Schiff A38, Budapest, Hungary

CU there!

Riverside Shows 2010 - more dates confirmed!


May 7 - Greece, Athens, Rodeo Live Club
May 8 - Greece, Thessaloniki, Principal Club
May 9 - Bulgaria, Sofia, Blue Box Club
May 11 - Turkey, Istanbul, Studio Live Club (in Taksim)
May 14 - Austria, Vienna, Scene Club
May 15 - Slovakia, Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
May 16 - Hungary, Budapest, Schiff A38

See you there!

Riverside, PRR and Jolly - four shows confirmed!


We're pleased to inform that as a result of a great demand for Riverside, Pure Reason Revolution, and Jolly playing together, the three bands are going on a mini-tour. There will be four concerts at the following places:

23.04.2010, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

24.04.2010, Turbinen Halle, Oberhausen, Germany

25.04.2010, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany

26.04.2010, Z-7, Pratteln, Switzerland

All of you who are interested are of course very welcome!

At the same time we'd like to inform that there will be another series of shows promoting Riverside's latest album "Anno Domini High Definition" in May, this time in the countries which weren't included in the 2009 tour. More details soon.

Riverside at Nearfest 2010



We're glad to announce that Riverside is going to go to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA) again to play at the Zoellner Arts Center stage at this year's NEARfest festival. It is the second time Riverside has been invited to this festival - the previous one was in 2006. This time Riverside is going to play on Friday, June 18th, 2010. Everyone interested is very welcome to come.

More info -

Lunatic Soul II - this year!



Mariusz Duda is currently composing the material for the new Lunatic Soul album. This time prepare for a "white album."

"Since the beginning I've seen the two first albums as a diptych. The white and the black piece. No album titles, just the name and the logo. The black album is a passage to the side of death, and the white one is a passage to the side of life. I see the cover as a negative reflection of the debut album. Right now I'm in the middle of composing new songs, so the winter scenery outside is very welcome."

The "white" Lunatic Soul or "Lunatic Soul II" is going to be - assures Duda - an album "full of mysterious atmosphere, weird sounds and sophisticated instruments. An attempt at agreeing between good songs and open form and experiment." He adds, "now more than ever I'd like to use my voice in a non-standard way."

The names of the other musicians and guests working on this project will be known soon. The second Lunatic Soul album will be again recorded at the Serakos studios in Warsaw. It will already begin in February/March this year. The expected release date is autumn 2010.

Labels: KScope (Worldwide) and Mystic Production (Poland).

Two special shows with Riverside and Guests


After the very succesfull shows during the last ADHD tour Riverside will return to The Netherlands and Germany with a unique festival package called :

An Evening with Riverside and Guests

We are pleased to present two great bands as our guests:
Pure Reason Revolution (UK) and Jolly (USA)

The dates are:

Friday 23 april 2010
013, Tilburg The Netherlands
Tickets - here

Saturday 24 april 2010
Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
Tickets - here

Both evenings will start at 19.00 !
These will be the only Riverside headline club shows in 2010 for the Netherlands and the NRW area in Germany.

We especially advise you to be quick regarding the tickets for 013!

During the last 5 shows in the Netherlands and 1 show in Belgium, we had a total of 3000 visitors which is more than the 013 can hold :)

See you there!

Anno Domini 2009 - summary


2009 was one of the most intensive (if not THE most intensive) years in the band's history. First of all, the new album "Anno Domini High Definition" that appeared for the first time on foreign sales charts, in the Netherlands and Germany among others, and in Poland reached the first place of OLIS sales chart, after what it became gold. Second, the concerts promoting the album, gathering the biggest audience in the band's history, both in Poland and abroad (e.g. only at 6 ADHD concerts in the Nethelands and Belgium 3000 people came to see us live. On the whole tour - over 20 000). Third, "Reality Dream DVD," recorded in May 2008, summarising the Reality Dream trilogy, finally with the image.

All of the above happened thanks to joint commitment of people supporting us, our friends and fans, whom we would like to thank cordially and hyperactively. You are great and it is thanks to you that we are able to move forward constantly. However, this year we are planning to slow down a bit in order to charge our batteries. But not for so long as to let you forget about us :)

We will let you know about our nearest-future plans very soon.

Take care,


Riverside in Russia


Two last concerts this year of Riverside's Anno Domini High Definition Tour are soon to come!
On 12th December Riverside will have their concert in St. Petersburg in Zal Ozhidaniya club. Next day you'll be able to meet them in Moscow's club Tochka.

You're all invited! :)


12.12 - St. Petersburg "Zal Ozhidaniya" - (
13.12 - Moscow "Tochka" - (