„Memories In My Head” - in stores from June 20th!


Memories In My Head

It is already confirmed - Riverside's newest record will be officially available for purchase. The mini album "Memories In My Head" will come out in Poland thanks to Progteam, in Europe thanks to Glassville Records and in USA thanks to Laser’s Edge. Travis Smith, who continues to cooperate with the band, designed the cover.

Let us remind you that you can already buy "Memories In My Head" during the "10th Anniversary Tour" which have already started on May 5th in Prague. The band already performed in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.
Find news about other concerts here.

Tickets for a concert in Zoetermeer are sold out.

„Forgotten Land” - Official promo song from the game „The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings”


The Witcher 2

Riverside is proud to announce a collaboration with CD Projekt RED, authors of the eagerly awaited RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The band's song "Forgotten Land" will help to promote the game which will be in stores on May 17.

"Quite a few of our songs are inspired by RPGs. In this case, I imagined an old land that used to be ruled by kings who became too proud of themselves. Bad things started happening to them and their kingdoms. Who knows, they may even have been assassinated..." says Mariusz Duda, frontman of Riverside.

A slideshow presentation is available for viewing here, and an official video clip based on materials from the game is aimed for release around end of May.

Let us remind you that "Forgotten Land" comes from the band's recent record entitled "Memories In My Head". You will be able to buy it during Riverside's 10th Anniversary Tour which is just about to start (check for details here).

Listen to new Riverside track!


You can finally listen to "Forgotten Land", a piece by Riverside from the newest publication entitled "Memories In My Head"! The record will be displayed for sale during the forthcoming concert tour celebrating the first decade of the band's career.

„Memories In My Head” - the new Riverside release!


For their 10th birthday Riverside have prepared a special release which will be available during the forthcoming tour. The EP entitled "Memories In My Head" contains 33 minutes of fresh music. The songs have the following titles:

1. Goodbye Sweet Innocence
2. Living In The Past
3. Forgotten Land

Mariusz Duda: This new material, concerning (for obvious reasons) the themes of the passing time, will be a pleasant surprise for those who have missed the specific kind of melodies and space known from the bands early releases. We have consciously gone back to our beginnings to create a certain kind of a circle. This mini-album will contain three longer compositions most resembling those from our first two albums. The result is a quite interesting, spacious, film-soundtrackish, nostalgic, and most of all rock mixture, summing up our career's first decade quite well. "Memories In My Head" is an album which appears out of nowhere, without much promotion; we hope, though, that its content can defend itself and that it will evoke a lot of positive emotions. It does that to us, and we will prove it soon, playing those songs live at our upcoming gigs.

The concerts at which it will be possible to buy this minialbum and hear the new songs live will begin on 5th of May in Prague (CZ) and finish on 29th of May in Warsaw (PL). Tides From Nebula, a band from Poland, will support Riverside at the 12 European concerts, and the Pineapple Thief from Great Britain and Paatos from Sweden will do the same at the 6 Polish gigs.

The full list of gigs can be seen here.

More information soon!

Riverside at summer festivals



We're very pleased to inform that the upcoming summer Riverside will play at three big festivals.

8th i 9 July the sixth Night of The Prog will take place in German Loreley, and except Riverside you'll be able to hear bands such as Eloy, IQ, Anathema or Dream Theater there. Riverside's concert is planned for the first day of the festival.

10th July (Sunday) - Riverside will play at Dutch BOSPOP, among such stars as Joe Cocker, Journey, Bush, Ringo Starr, Roxette or Black Country Communion.

Festival's programme

The band will also perform at a festival in their fatherland. On 5th August 2011, for the first time in their career they will appear on the stage of... Woodstock Festival!

Because its Riverside's tenth birthday this year, we'd like to remindyou that soon the band sets off on a tour around Europe and Poland. European concerts will be supported by polish Tides From Nebula. The Polish concerts will be supported by Swedish Paatos and British The Pineapple Thief. The list of the shows is as follows:

5th May, Exit Chmelnice, Prague, CZ
6th May, Diesel, Budapest, HU
8th May, Kulturhaus, Bucharest, RO
9th May, Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, BG
12th May, Substage, Karlsruhe, DE
13th May, Nouveau Casino, Paris, FR
14th May, Picturedrome, Holmfirth, UK
16th May, Scala, London, UK
18th May, Trix, Antwerpen, BE
19th May, Die Kantine, Cologne, DE
20th May, Metropool, Hengelo, NL
21th May, De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL
24th May, Wytwórnia, Łódź, PL
25th May, Eter, Wrocław, PL
26th May, Rotunda, Kraków, PL
27th May, Eskulap, Poznań, PL
28th May, Centrum Stocznia Gdańska, Gdańsk, PL
29th May, Stodoła, Warszawa, PL

We're hoping to see you there!

Riverside 10th Anniversary Tour – dates announced!


Special guest: Tides From Nebula

Tour dates are as follows:

5th May, Exit Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Republic

6th May, Diesel , Budapest, Hungary

8th May, Kulturhaus , Bucharest, Romania

9th May, Bulgaria Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

12th May, Substage , Karlsruhe, Germany

13th May, Nouveau Casino , Paris, France

15th May, Picturedrome , Holmfirth, UK

16th May, Scala , London, UK

18th May, Trix , Antwerpen, Belgium

19th May, Die Kantine , Cologne, Germany

20th May, Metropool , Hengelo, The Netherlands

21th May, De Boerderij , Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Riverside „10th Anniversary Tour” - polish special guests confirmed!


We're pleased to inform that the special guests at the six Polish Riverside concerts at the end of May 2011 will be the English Pineapple Thief and the Swedish Paatos.

The Pineapple Thief with their last two albums "Tightly Unwound" of 2008 and "Someone Here Is Missing" of 2010 (the cover of which was designed by Storm Thorgerson, known for the co-operation with bands like Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin) have confirmed that they are a marvellous group that skillfully combines sounds of rock, alternative, and psychedelic music. Their work is an original blend of the atmosphere created by Radiohead, Muse, and Porcupine Tree.

The Pineapple Thief "Show a Little Love" official video

The Pineapple Thief "Nothing at best" official video

Paatos - after releasing three studio albums (the producer of one of them was Steven Wilson), and after tours with the Gathering and Porcupine Tree, the band went on temporary hiatus. Right now the Swedish pioneers of post-progressive rock are coming back with a new album "Breathing"--the most mature and forward in their career.

Paatos "Gone" official video

"We were very glad when both of the bands accepted our invitation," says the guitarrist Piotr Grudziński. "I hope that it will be a great British-Swedish-Polish mix. All of us play widely understood progressive rock and yet we're so different. In my opinion, this will be a great advantage to this tour."

The list of concerts at which you'll be able to see Riverside, the Pineapple Thief, and Paatos:

24.05 - Łódź - Wytwórnia
25.05 - Wrocław - Eter
26.05 - Cracow - Rotunda
27.05 - Poznań - Eskulap
28.05 - Gdańsk - Centrum Stocznia Gdańska
29.05 - Warsaw - Stodoła

The ticket prices are 50 zł (pre-sale) and 60 zł (the day of the show).

Available soon!

„Second Life Syndrome” and „Rapid Eye Movement” on vinyl in March 2011.


SLSREMIt's been confirmed that around March 2011 more Riverside albums will be released on vinyl. This time it will be the second and third part of the Reality Dream trilogy. The label responsible for that release will be Inside Out.

The fans of the black circles may also be interested in the fact that in January 2011 Kscope will release the second Lunatic Soul album on vinyl. You can order it now here.

Riverside starts working on the new material.


After the intensive promotion of "Anno Domini High Definition" Riverside goes back to composing new material. And although ADHD´s successor is to be released no earlier than 2012, some cool things are being prepared for the upcoming year.

"We´ve begun working on the new album, or actually two albums. Because except for the usual long album we'd also like to release a minialbum," says Mariusz Duda. "Why? Well, the band was formed in 2001 so next year it's our tenth birthday. We'd like to celebrate and highlight this anniversary in some way. So next year we're planning to go on anniversary tour not only with invited guests but also something more--a release specially prepared for this occasion, only available at the concerts. So now we're working both on the new album and the above mentioned EP. A short break was good for us because now we have really good ideas."

Soon more information about the anniversary tour and the upcoming releases.

LUNATIC SOUL II - World Premiere 25.10.2010!!!


LSIIOctober 25th, 2010 has been set as the release date of the second album of Lunatic Soul, a project conceived by Riverside's singer and bass player Mariusz Duda. The white album, a continuation of 2008's black album, constitutes the second and last part of the diptych about the journey through the underworld.

Mariusz Duda: It will again be a story about a journey through a place that exists somewhere in-between, enriched with new motifs and retrospections. A sort of a road movie about a lost soul. Musically speaking perhaps more intense and unsetting than the first part but with the predominance of certain space and lightness that can be--I hope so--associated with the colour white. Hence, the album is a sort of a continuation but certainly not a repetition.

The majority of the instrumental parts are played by Mariusz Duda himself. However, the guest musicians appear this time as well, for instance already known from the previous album Maciej Szelenbaum (keyboards, flutes, quzheng) or Wawrzyniec Dramowicz from Indukti (drums). The new album will be released in Poland by Mystic Production, and in the rest of the world by (know for the work with such bands as Porcupine Tree or Anathema) the British label Kscope.

Listen to "Wanderings".

The tracklist of Lunatic Soul's white album:

1. The In-Between Kingdom
2. Otherwhere
3. Suspended In Whiteness
4. Asoulum
5. Limbo
6. Escape from ParadIce
7. Transition
8. Gravestone Hill
9. Wanderings

Lunatic Soul – new album coming soon!


LSII Mariusz Duda is just about to finish recording the material for his second album Lunatic Soul II. As it was the first time, everything takes place in the Serakos studio in Warsaw and is supervised by Robert Srzednicki and Magda Srzednicka. At the moment the work is focused on the vocal parts. The mixing and mastering of the material is due in August. Lunatic Soul's white album is a continuation of the debut. It is the second part of the diptych about the journey through the land of the dead. "White"—because this album's cover is… the negative image of the first one.

"There is a little fear that the listeners, seeing a white cover with the characteristic sign and logo 'lunatic soul' but without any '2' or 'II,' will think that it is a kind of re-release of the first album," says the author of Lunatic Soul. "That's why I'd like to highlight that it's going to be entirely new material, and the cover looks as it looks because since the beginning it was supposed to be a black and white diptych. Lunatic Soul is simply a double album divided into two single ones by the period of two years' anticipation. And now there comes the time for its second and last part."

"It's still a story about the journey through the afterworld, and more specifically about a journey through a certain place that exists somewhere in-between. White doesn't refer here to a literal return to life. The protagonist will still remain on the other side. White doesn't mean that instead of dark sounds we'll hear happy songs and nightingales singing, either. It will still be very characteristic, trans-like, and (as I like to call it) oriental-alternative musical journey. In many places maybe even a little more oriental and maybe more unsetting. For instance, in one of the songs the protagonist will find himself surrounded by four white naked walls, dressed in... a straitjacket. Of course I wanted to create a lot of "light" sounds, a certain kind of lightness, on this album. And I admit that in many moments—with the help of Robert and Magda—I've accomplished exactly what I was dreaming of. It will surely still be a blend of everything I like, from Dead Can Dance, Peter Gabriel from IV or Passion , through films and books about ghosts, up to my favourite Silent Hill, yet I can already hear that the second album, despite the continuation, will sound differently. I hope, though, that the sounds on it will not leave the majority of the lunatic souls indifferent."

The majority of the instrumental parts are played by Mariusz Duda himself. However, the guest musicians appear this time as well, for instance already known from the previous album Maciej Szelenbaum (keyboards, flutes, quzheng) or Wawrzyniec Dramowicz from Indukti (drums).

The new album will be released in autumn this year, in Poland by Mystic Production, and in the rest of the world by (known for the work with such bands as Porcupine Tree or Anathema) the British label Kscope.

Riverside - two Polish concerts this year!


We're glad to announce that two 2010 Riverside concerts in Poland have already been confirmed.

1. The first one will take place in Szczytno on August 12th (Thursday), the first day of the Open Mind Festival (that will last until August 14th). Many independent music bands will play there, and Riverside will give their show just before the British group THE CULT.

2. The second one will take place in Spodek (Katowice) at this year's Metal Hammer Festival. On August 27th (Friday) Riverside will play among such bands as KORN, OPETH and KATATONIA.

CU There!