Riverside „Shrine of New Generation Slaves” – Release date, cover artwork and the tracklist!


Riverside „Shrine of New Generation Slaves” – Release date, cover artwork and the tracklist!

We already know the exact European street date of Riverside's fifth album „Shrine of New Generation Slaves”. It is January 21st, 2013. New album will be available in four different formats: digital, 1CD jewelcase, 2CDs mediabook, and 2LP vinyl. The author of the art booklets is Travis Smith. The cover and the tracklist are shown below:

Riverside – Shrine of New Generation Slaves

1. New Generation Slave (4:17)
2. The Depth of Self-Delusion (7:39)
3. Celebrity Touch (6:48)
4. We Got Used To Us (4:12)
5. Feel Like Falling (5:17)
6. Deprived (8:26)
7. Escalator Shrine (12:41)
8. Coda (1:39)

The special version of the album - a 32-page mediabook (2CD), and the vinyl edition will contain 2 very special bonus tracks. "SONGS" will be released by Century Media/Inside Out

Riverside - the recording is finished!


 Riverside - the recording is finished!

Dear fans, we're very pleased to inform that we've just finished recording our new album "Shrine of New Generation Slaves"! The fifth album, with a five-word title, and over 50 minutes of absolutely fresh music. 8 songs, of which the shortest, "Coda", will only be about 2 minutes long, and the longest, "Escalator Shrine", over 12 minutes long. The first single is going to be "Celebrity Touch" and you'll be able to hear it in one month's time already.

The planned released date for the new Riverside is January 2013. The tour promoting the album will begin in March 2013. We're going to post more detailed information about that soon.

Thank you all for your support and patience. We hope that you'll like the new album. And the music? Right now we can only say that it's different but you can tell it's us! :)

The cover and tracklist are coming up next week. Stay tuned!




"In 2012 we've been focusing on the work on the new album, and trying to prove, mostly to ourselves, that we can still surprise with something, and what's most important - create an album that would become our showpiece, music-wise and lyrics-wise" says Mariusz Duda, the band's leader. "The title might sound a bit intricate, but the acronym will definitely explain what we did with our music this time."

The predicted release date is the end of January 2013, but still this year (somewhere around November) we all are going to get to know the first single, and the video for it. The album will be released by Century Media/Inside Out and Mystic Production.

Riverside – Studio Report!


Riverside – Studio Report!

The recording of Riverside’s 5th album is in full swing. The band has again installed themselves in the Serakos studio in Warsaw, where ”Reality Dream Trilogy” was also born. The first sketches were recorded in March. But the real recording work started in May and will be continued until autumn.

Mariusz Duda: I’m very happy that we’re recording in the Serakos studio again. Our latest album, ”ADHD”, was created in a totally different place and with a different sound engineer. But some time has passed, and we’re very pleased to be working back with Magda Srzednicka and Robert Srzednicki. We know each other better than anyone else, so the comfort of working together is very high. But most of all, every one of us wishes to make another step forward and create Riverside’s best album. It seems that it’s going to be the most mature thing in our career.

Everybody interested in the progress of the studio work can go to the specially initiated ”Studio Report” section on the band’s official website, where we will be keeping you up to date by uploading films, photos and news about the latest recordings.

The site’s address:

Riverside’s latest full-length album was ”Anno Domini High Definition,” released in 2009. The new, fifth album is planned to go out at the beginning of 2013. It will be released by Inside Out/Century Media.

Riverside interview attempt


Ladies and Gents, fifth Riverside album is on the way! In March 2012 Riverside entered the studio to record some rough versions of songs for their fifth album. They decided to share their opinions about recordings in a short interview... but it turned out to be a very difficult task. Enjoy! :)

By the way, Happy Easter everybody!

Riverside starts working on the fifth album!


Riverside starts working on the fifth album!

After last year’s releases Memories In My Head and Reality Dream Trilogy and successful tours related to the band’s 10th birthday, Riverside starts working on another album.

I think that it’s high time for some new sounds, says Mariusz Duda, and I really mean new. Last year’s EP didn’t explore any new musical paths, it was a sort of a link to our beginnings. We have enclosed that period with this frame. And it’s high time we went on a different path which would neither be the musical continuation of the above mentioned EP, nor even of ADHD. What will come out of this—we shall see. For now, what we compose is really open, there are a lot of great melodies, the acoustic guitar is back, and the metal riffs evolved into more rock riffs. If we don’t screw it up on the way, it’s going to be a really powerful and mature album, one of the best we’ve recorded, if not the best.

This year the band is going to focus on recording the new album which should be released at the end of 2012, or the beginnig of 2013. It means we will have to wait some more for the final effect. But we have good news for the impatient fans: all the news about the studio work will be published on a special blog at

The band’s last full-lenght album was Anno Domini High Definition released in 2009. The new one, whose title we should know soon, will be released around the world by Century Media/Inside Out, and by Mystic Production in Poland. The band has renewed their contracts with those labels for the next two releases.

Thank You!


It’s been a pretty good year. We turned 10, so we let ourselves celebrate ;)

When it comes to releases, we began our 10th anniversary with an album specially prepared for this occasion – the EP „Memories In My Head”. It’s worth mentioning that „Forgotten Land” from this minialbum promoted the game „The Witcher 2” and reached 6th position on Polish Radio 3’s Top Chart. What else? Finally, „Second Life Syndrome” and „Rapid Eye Movement” were released on vinyl, and in September the 6-disc box „Reality Dream Trilogy” hit the stores. We gathered all the long and short tracks that had something to do with the trilogy for it. And last, but not least, Mariusz definitively finished his adventure with lunatic journeys through the underworld by releasing the new Lunatic Soul album - „Impressions”, which is an instrumental supplement to the black and white diptych.

And when it comes to concerts, during our „10th Anniversary Tour” we gave several shows in Europe ( including Romania for the first time for instance). In Poland we celebrated with some foreign guests, Paatos and The Pineapple Thief, setting some new attendance records. Almost 1500 people showed up for the gig in Warsaw’s Stodola club, which left us literally open-mouthed. In the summer, except for some foreign shows, we presented our music to half a milion people at Przystanek Woodstock open-air festival. We were scared almost shitless, but maybe it wasn’t so bad since a DVD release from this gig is planned. In autumn we went back to the clubs – this time to the places where we hadn’t been much or never (We played in Portugal, among others.) We also swam in the sea. In October. So it was! :)

And now, at the very end of the year, having got back from the nearer and further journeys, we would like to thank everybody for this year. Especially our tour crew, our fans, friends and all those who came to our concerts and bought our albums. Thank you for your support and being with us all these years. We hope that you’ll stay with us another ten years or more. In January we’re starting work on our fifth album. We will inform you about it on our website, in a specially prepared section. Remember about all those end-of-year the-best-of-2011’s – we will be really pleased if you mention us in yours :)

And by the way, we’d like to wish a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody at the riverside of the same river or a different one! See you soon!


Riverside – 10th Anniversary Tour. The last concerts celebrating the 10th anniversary!


Poster Progresja This Friday (11.11.11) Riverside will start the last part of a tour which sums up 10 years of the bands’ creative work and perform in Dresden. This time the band will arrive in Germany and then go to Scandinavia and Estonia. The last show summing up the tour will take place in Progresja, Warsaw on October, 26th.

The show in Progresja will be the last before a longer break when Riverside will start working on the next, fifth album. It should be ready in Autumn 2012. Let us remind you that there are two additional publications of Riverside which entered the market in order to celebrate the anniversary. These are a minialbum “Memories In My Head” and a box “Reality Dream Trilogy”. You will surely be able to hear songs from the two albums during the November shows.

The list of concerts in the near future:

11.11 – Pushkin, Dresden, Germany
12.11 – Knust, Hamburg, Germany
13.11 - Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany
15.11 – Brewhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden
16.11 – John Dee, Oslo, Norway
17.11 - Göta Källare, Stockholm, Sweden
19.11 – Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
20.11 – Tapper, Tallin, Estonia
26.11 – Progresja, Warsaw, Poland (support: Disperse)

Tickets for the concert in Warsaw can be ordered here –

Feel invited!

Riverside – “10th Anniversary Tour” coming back in autumn!


photo Shirin Kasraeian

On September 30th, 2011, in the Dutch city of Uden, Riverside will begin the second part of the “10th Anniversary Tour” celebrating the ten years of band’s existence. The autumn show will take place where the band couldn’t come during the first part of the tour in spring. The great finale will take place in Warsaw’s club Progresja on November 26th.

The autumn leg of “10th Anniversary Tour” is the summary of the very intensive year of the band’s work. We’d like to remind everybody that in 2011 some interesting anniversary stuff has been released: the EP “Memories In My Head” containing completely new material, including “Forgotten Land”, the song promoting the game “The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings”; “Second Life Syndrome”, “Rapid Eye Movement”, and “Anno Domini High Definition” on vinyl released by Inside Out; and the 6CD “Reality Dream Trilogy” box released on September 6th by Mystic Production, which includes all the albums of the “Reality Dream” trilogy and some additional stuff. Except the tour in May, supported by Pineapple Thief and Paatos among others, the band also played at this year’s Woodstock festival in Poland and a few prestigious festivals like Bospop in the Netherlands or Loreley in Germany. The October-November shows will be the last before the release of the band’s next album. Riverside will start working on it as soon as they come back from the tour.

The list of all the autumn “10th Anniversary Tour” shows:

Sept 30 - The Netherlands, Uden, De Pul
Oct 01 - Germany, Rüsselsheim, Das Rind
Oct 03 - Spain, Barcelona, Music Hall
Oct 05 - Spain, Madrid, La Sala Live
Oct 06 - Spain, Sevilla, Fanatic
Oct 07 - Portugal, Lisbon, Santiago Alquimista
Oct 08 - Portugal, Porto, Hard Club
Oct 11 - Spain, Peralta, Auditorio de Peralta
Oct 15 - Belgium, Verviers, Spirit of 66
Oct 19 - Poland, Rzeszów, Pod Palmą support: Disperse
Oct 20 - Poland, Częstochowa, Zero
Oct 21 - Poland, Lublin, CK "Electric Nights Festival 2011"
Oct 22 - Poland, Bielsko-Biała, Rude Boy
Oct 23 - Poland, Katowice, Mega Club support: Nemezis

Nov 11 - Germany, Dresden, Pushkin
Nov 12 - Germany, Hamburg, Knust
Nov 13 - Germany, Berlin, Magnet Club
Nov 15 - Sweden, Gothenburg, Brewhouse
Nov 16 - Norway, Oslo, John Dee
Nov 17 - Sweden, Stockholm, Göta Källare
Nov 19 - Finland, Helsinki, Nosturi
Nov 20 - Estland, Tallinn, Tapper
Nov 26 - Poland, Warsaw, Progresja support: Disperse

You can buy the tickets at the venues.


Woodstock Festival, vinyl's


Tomorrow Riverside will take part in the Woodstock Festival. Their concert on the big stage is planned to start at 10.40 p.m.

You'll be able to view the live streaming here:

You're all welcome.


By the way, you can now find the limited vinyl versions of Second Life Syndrome (black, white and brown-black-marbled) and Rapid Eye Movement (black, yellow and clear) online at the InsideOut shop. Anno Domini High Definition , which was accessible only during concerts, has also been reissued (transparent blue and black).

Second Life Syndrome and Rapid Eye Movement on vinyls!



It has been confirmed (this time official :)) that vinyl versions of two albums: Second Life Syndrome(2LP) and Rapid Eye Movement(2LP), which were announced to be published in March this year, will come out at the turn of August and September 2011.
Both albums will be limited to 1000 copies in three colour versions (on black, white and transparent records).

Inside Outwill be responible for the publication.

Vinyl lovers will be interested to know that in January 2011, thanks to the Kscope company, the second record of Lunatic Soul also came out on vinyl. You can order it here.