And so we are returning with the final edition of Wasteland Tour. The last shows in Europe promoting our seventh studio album will take place in countries where the sun shines on a regular basis, hence the name of the tour - WASTELAND - WITH THE SUN TOUR 2020. We're counting on the sun to come out already in February and March :)

In our song "Acid Rain" you can hear the following words:

Living in a fallen land
With fallen minds
In an uncertain place without the sun
Where are we now?

Well, firstly, in this case, “without” wouldn’t make sense, secondly - if we still don't know where we are now, we know for sure where we will be in February and March 2020 :) We are truly happy to be going back to Spain, Italy, the Balkans, and finally, after a few (too many) years of absence, to Greece and Turkey.

We're preparing for you: a new setlist and lots of surprises!

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