Plans for the rest of 2016

17 July 2016

Hello everyone,

A few months have passed. Memories are blending with new prospects and questions about the future of the band, but most of all with realising our plans. Below you will find (partly to jog your memory, partly to reassure you we're still here) a little reminder about Riverside plans for 2016.

Very soon, on July 22nd, courtesy of Inside Out, our first ever 5.1 album will be released. A special edition of "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" has been prepared on CD + DVDA, and apart from 5.1 surround, there will also be a hi-res stereo 24 version, a bonus track "Day Session" (also in hi-res stereo 24), a videoclip to "Found" and three video trailers. You can now pre-order it on Inside Out website.

After the holidays, we're planning further two releases: an album and a book.

On October 21st, thanks to Inside Out and Mystic Production, a double album compilation of all our instrumental tracks will be released. More than a hundred minutes of music on double CD mediabook and triple LP, including, among others, new mixes of tracks from 2007/2008, bonus tracks from our latest two albums and new, previously unreleased material recorded with Piotr in January and February 2016. As you may have already noticed, the acronym "EOTS" stands for "Eye of the Soundscape".

The end of this year will see the release of our biography which we have been working on for two years. In answer to the question whether it is perhaps to early for such a publication, let us just say that had we not decided to go ahead with it, we would never have a chance to learn about some of what has been said in preparation for that biography. For now, only Polish language version has been planned. We don't know whether it will be possible to find a foreign publisher or whether there will even be a need to, but, naturally, we wouldn't mind if there was :)

And each of us is currently following his own music and near-music projects as well, more about it in separate posts.

After the holidays, we will reveal more about our future. Stay with us. And for the summer months, we wish you a lot of peace, rest and obviously time to listen to our music as often as you would like :)