Open letter

31 March 2009

Open letter to... at the so-called pre-end stage.

So, step by step, rather fast than slowly, we have finished mixing the material. Fast, because recording an album about haste for two years would be a hypocrisy. Are we satisfied with the final result? Yes. Are we sure? Sure. I think that for many people it will be our best album. And for the others certainly the second best - right after their favourite one. :) We put more emphasis on playing rock - we are a rock band after all. Do you remember the energy on some old rock records, the energy that in one moment just evaporated? Well, we wanted to refer to that somehow. The material is colourful, diverse, there is a lot happening there. I think that when it comes to concerts, this album will turn out the best of all.

Lyrics-wise it is not one story, as it was in the case of the trilogy, told from the beginning to the end, but you may as well say it is. For me those are rather thoughts of all those people who wake up every day afraid that maybe this day their "sell-by date" expires. It will be a story about people who, before having learnt how to use device X, angrily state that it is no longer fashionable. Even worse - no longer usable, and now device Y should be used. An album about those who know that if they don't quicken the pace, they will stay behind. About those who sometimes despite themselves must stop at nothing to achive their aims. About those who realise that one of the most popular diseases nowadays does not only concern screaming kids running amok, but also the majority of adults who simply cannot pull themselves together, organise their lives as they would wish to. Do not confuse it with laziness! It will be an album about chaos, constant race, uncertainty, stress, and... the attempt to survive. How would we present this topic? With ballads? Of course there will be some calmer moments, melodies, but... generally it will kick ass! For example, Szymon's ass was kicked. And usually it's very hard to kick him, because he shields himself.

Some of you will ask: why write about something that is happening all around? Why record an album that will not take us far away from reality? Here I will clear my throat and say that, personally, I wanted to sum up this decade and draw some psychological portraits of the contemporary man (in parenthesis there should be something in Latin now). Moreover, I think that this kind of albums is necessary, even if we only "apply" them to ourselves once in a while like a vaccine to become immune, to survive, but most of all not to let ourselves go crazy in these hybrid and hyperactive times.

And just to finish - I think that just as much as a lot of us want and have to escape the racing reality (as often as possible), it will be - I hope so - impossible to want to escape this music for a long time. And I know what I'm saying, because I'm stuck in this studio with the guys third month in a row. I hope that the results of our work will leak out soon - after all we live in that kind of world now.

Best regards,
Red Roy