Second Live Syndrome tour has finished. Big thanks to our team: Darek, Garwol, Marecki, Mloda, Valdas, Wolfram, Ania, Gregorius and our beloved Mr Jareczek :) Without you there would have been no Riverside LIVE! We'd also like to thank our publisher for their support and most of all, we'd like to thank Everyone who, out of their own free will or under constraint of their friends :), came to our concerts. You can read comments on our gigs on the forum. New photos and reviews will be published here soon!


There will be more Riverside live this year - the already confirmed gigs are:

20.05.2006 - Tiana Prog Fest - Barcelona, THEATER ALBENIZ OF TIANA (S)
21.05.2006 - Prog Fest - Warsaw, STODOLA (PL)
10.06.2006 - Arrow Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde (NL)
24.06.2006 - NEARFest, Bethlehem (USA)
15.07.2006 - Bergkeller Art Rock Festival - Reichenbach (D)
16.07.2006 - Masters Of Rock - Vizovice (CZ)
30.07.2006 - Castle Party - Bolków (PL)
14.09.2006 - ProgMetalFest - Zaandam, DE KADE (NL)
15.09.2006 - ProgMetalFest - Hardenberg, PODIUM (NL)
16.09.2006 - ProgMetalFest - Helmond, PLATO (NL)
17.09.2006 - ProgMetalFest - Vosselaar, BIEBOB" (B)
29.09.2006 - Frankfurt am Main, DIE HALLE (D)
01.10.2006 - ProgPower Festival - Baarlo, JC SJIWA (NL)
03.10.2006 - Essen, ZECHE CARL (D)