Vale of Tears


Vale of Tears

Wasteland presale:




Shake me down
I’ll make a noise
Tap my hand
I’ll make you smile
Give me hope
Then take away

Like you did the last time
Like the last time
Like the last time

Tell me who I have to be
Cross my head, lips and heart
Make me get down on my knees

Like you did the last time
Like the last time
Like the last time

Wading through the desert
I am wading through the desert
To the promised land
You burned to the ground

Take me to the highest hill
Show the fireworks display
Tell me it’s for my own good

Like you did the last time
Like the last time
Like the last time

Turn poetry into prose
Then launch a crusade
Make another vale of tears

Like you did the last time
Like the last time
Like the last time

Wading through the desert
I am wading through the desert
To the promised land
You burned to the ground


Music and lyrics by Mariusz Duda
Artwork by Travis Smith
Clip by Tomasz Pulsakowski / Sightsphere
Recorded at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, Poland by Magda and Robert Srzedniccy

Mariusz Duda - vocals, electric guitar, bass, piccolo bass
Piotr Kozieradzki - drums
Michał Łapaj - keyboards and Hammond organ

Guitar solo by Mateusz Owczarek

Riverside – “Wasteland” album artwork and first release details!


Riverside – “Wasteland” album artwork and first release details!

We are pleased to announce that our upcoming seventh studio album “Wasteland” will be released via our longtime label partner Inside Out Music on September 28th, 2018.

The album will once again feature artwork designed by longtime visual partner Travis Smith (Opeth, Devin Townsend, etc.) and the record’s main track-listing reads as follows:

RIVERSIDE – “Wasteland”:
1. The Day After
2. Acid Rain
3. Vale Of Tears
4. Guardian Angel
5. Lament
6. The Struggle For Survival
7. River Down Below
8. Wasteland
9. The Night Before

RIVERSIDE’s Mariusz Duda checked in with the following comment about the album’s overall concept:

I'd been thinking about exploring "post-apocalyptic" regions for a long time. I read books, watched films, played video games, all connected by stories about an attempt to survive in a world that had just ended. But writing such a story myself didn't make much sense until now. RIVERSIDE are starting a new chapter and after our recent experiences, a story like that has gained more meaning. "Wasteland" is mostly about what's happening in the world these days but it also makes a reference to the tragedy that befell the band in 2016. Musically, we've returned to darker sounds but we have also turned a new page and recorded the album in a different style. It's still RIVERSIDE but expressed in a much deeper and more mature way. Most artists say the same thing while promoting their new releases: that they have just created their best work to date. I won't say that because everything we have done so far has been consistently very good and unique. But I will say that we have never had such an incredible emotional load on any of our previous releases, and it's not likely that we will ever make such a charged album again. "Wasteland" is an epic, multidimensional, poetic and very deep album. Perhaps of the once in a lifetime kind.

RIVERSIDE’s “Wasteland” marks the first studio album effort with newly composed music after the tragic passing of founding member and guitarist Piotr Grudziński on February 21st, 2016.

Attention! More album details, its pre-order option as well as a first single will be launched on July 27th, so stay tuned for more news soon!

After having just performed on a string of European festivals including the prestigious Night Of The Prog festival at the historic Loreley Amphitheater in Germany last weekend, RIVERSIDE are next embarking on the “Wasteland 2018 Tour” throughout October/November to support the release of their upcoming album.
See an overview of all confirmed upcoming dates here: Gigs

Wasteland 2018 Tour


Wasteland 2018 Tour

It is our pleasure to announce that this year we’re going on the “WASTELAND TOUR 2018” to promote the new Riverside album called “Wasteland”, which will be released at the end of September.

Below you will find a list of the cities we’re going to visit in the Autumn of 2018:

12.10 B90, Gdańsk, PL
13.10 Tama, Poznań, PL
14.10 A2, Wrocław, PL
16.10 Miasto Ogrodów, Katowice, PL
17.10 Magnetofon, Łódź, PL
18.10 Od Nowa, Toruń, PL
20.10 Studio, Kraków, PL
21.10 Hala Koło, Warszawa, PL
30.10 Kesselhaus, Berlin, DE
31.10 Manufaktur, Schorndorf, DE
03.11 Lav, Lisbon, PT
04.11 Mon Live, Madrid, ES
05.11 Salamandra 1, Barcelona, ES
06.11 CCO, Lyon, FR
07.11 La Machine, Paris, FR
09.11 Academy 2, Manchester, UK
10.11 The Electric Ballroom, London, UK
11.11 Casino, Sint-Niklaas, BE
12.11 TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, NL
14.11 Markthalle, Hamburg, DE
15.11 Turbinenhalle 2, Oberhausen, DE
16.11 Z7, Pratteln, CH
17.11 Gloomaar Festival, Neunkirchen, DE

Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 1st.

More info soon!




Well, we're back in the game!

We're happy to tell you that our seventh album will be called "Wasteland" and will be released at the end of September this year.

More info soon!




The release of the new album is coming closer and so we are getting many questions from you. Is Riverside still the trio from the picture or the quartet from the live shows? And what's with the new album? Are you going to have guest guitarists or no guitar at all?

We know that it is unthinkable for many of you that Riverside should exist without a guitarist. The fact that we announced in the autumn of 2016 that we had become a trio and took a series of black and white photos of us at the seaside is one thing, but there were four of us on stage during the "Towards the Blue Horizon" tour in 2017. So what's the deal with the seventh album which the band is currently working on?

Here's our answer. Riverside is a band which connects a few worlds, a few places where we have certain divisions and some established schemes. Thanks to this structure the band have been going on and, as it turned out, are capable of surviving even the worst earthquake. For live shows, we had found a soul mate in Maciej Meller. Thanks to him we can still be a quartet on stage and sound like Riverside. In the studio, we want to be consistent and the new album is created by the three of us.

Maciej will guest in a few tracks but he will be the only guest guitarist on the album. Which does not mean he will be the only guest.

What can we say about the album at this point? Only that we have never had such emotional charge on any of our previous releases. We are recording our most mature and emotional album in the whole career. It will be intense, dark and very manly. Every minute of it will make it clear that we have suffered a tragedy, that we are now a different band, but also that we are survivors and, with our heads held high, we're proud to be Riverside. We are also aware that we're creating something big, something incredibly important, something that will be remembered for years. Will we succeed? That remains to be seen.

We'd like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you who believe in us, who have remained with us and who have joined us - thank you for your support and for being there for us. Soon, we will reveal more information and for now, we're sending Riverside greetings to all!

photo by Oskar Szramka

Recordings of the seventh album has started


Recordings of the seventh album has started

Dear Friends,

We've just started recordings for the new, seventh Riverside album (traditionally, in Serakos Studio in Warsaw). It will be our first album recorded as a trio.

Because "our world ended" two years ego, we've decided that the new release will be "post apocalyptic" in nature. We've been toying with such sound for quite some time but now the story has gained a much deeper meaning.

And because of the "post-apo" nature of the album, the music will be much heavier and darker, but still atmospheric, full of soundscapes and with a lot of live instruments.

Most of the music has been written by Mariusz, who will now be responsible not only for acoustic but also for rhythm guitars. There will also be a lot of contributions from Michał.

There will be guests, most importantly Maciej Meller, so those of you who were now expecting only bass solos can breathe a sigh of relief ;)

What will our music without Grudzień be like? It will still be Riverside music. The new album will be different but it would have been different even if Grudzień was still with us. You know that we don't like recording two similar albums and so we are not intending to imitate the sound of one of our past releases. Our music has become more serious and more mature, so get ready for a manly and emotional album. The release date has been tentatively planned for the end of September this year.

Thank you for being with us.

Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradzki, Michał Łapaj

Photo Radek Zawadzki

cassette tapes release of Love, Fear and the Time Machine and Fractured


cassette tapes release of Love, Fear and the Time Machine and Fractured

Perfect gift for Christmas :) Since these two releases - Riverside's "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" and Lunatic Soul's "Fractured" were musically inspired by the 80s then why not release them on cassette tapes?

And so it will happen. Pre-order starts this Friday, 15.12.2017, at midday. Official release date - 19.12.2017.

These are very limited releases so keep your eyes peeled (no other R & LS titles are planned). Check and for more info.

This is the end


This is the end

On October 5th 2017 in Rzeszów we finished the "Towards the Blue Horizon" tour. We have played 50 concerts this year. Riverside have survived.

Thanks to your support and involvement, we know that we have someone to go on playing for.

A big thanks to all of you who have joined us in experiencing all the most important emotions. Thanks to our amazing Crew. Thanks to Lion Shepherd.

It has been amazing. We're still here with you and for you. Time to take a bow now but we will see you soon!

photo by Robert Grablewski

final leg of "Towards The Blue Horizon Tour 2017"


final leg of

Hello Everyone,

In a week we're starting the final leg of "Towards The Blue Horizon Tour 2017", the tour with which Riverside came back to life on stage. Two sold out concerts in February in Progresja, Warsaw, and the exceptional welcome and crowds at the April and May concerts in Poland and Europe, made us regain strength and faith in the future. Thank you all very much for allowing us to come back.

After the holiday break and a few summer festivals, we will go back to playing in clubs. We will perform the final 13 concerts in the places we haven't yet visited this year. Please forgive us for not being able to go everywhere, we promise to make it up in the future.

We have been joined on guitar by Maciej Meller who has approached Piotr's guitar parts with huge respect, retaining the atmosphere and character of our music. We hope that the two-hour evenings with Riverside music will make all of us feel that we are taking part in an important event and this year will be remembered as the good one.

See you very soon!


Riverside - Towards The Blue Horizon 2017 - Autumn Edition
(special guest: Lion Shepherd)

20.09. Słowianin, Szczecin, PL [TICKETS]
22.09. Vega, Copenhagen, DK [TICKETS]
23.09. Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, SE [TICKETS]
24.09. John Dee, Oslo, NO [TICKETS]
25.09. Bryggarsalen, Stockholm, SE [TICKETS]
27.09. Lutakko, Jyväskylä, FI [TICKETS]
28.09. Kerubi, Joensuu, FI [TICKETS]
29.09. Klubi, Tampere, FI [TICKETS]
30.09. Tavastia, Helsinki, FI [TICKETS]
01.10. Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn, EE [TICKETS]
03.10. Zmiana Klimatu, Białystok, PL [TICKETS]
04.10. Graffiti, Lublin, PL [TICKETS]
05.10. Life House, Rzeszów, PL [TICKETS]

photo by Oskar Szramka

Few plans


Few plans

We finished our April-May leg of the "Towards the Blue Horizon Tour" with a fantastic concert in Kraków where we received a gold record for LFTM. We have played exactly 30 concerts this year and we have performed in front of the best audiences in the world. With hand on heart we can confirm what we said before each encore, we don't have ordinary fans, we have a family. We are here thanks to you and for you.

We have a few plans for this year. For now, we're resting after the tour (with the exception of a couple of busy members of the band ;-)) but soon we'll be back with summer concerts and the autumn leg of the Towards the Blue Horizon Tour, which will visit Denmark (for the first time), Sweden, Finland and Norway. We're thinking of playing three more concerts in Poland in the cities we haven't visited for a long time. Also this year, we will start recording our new studio album and we'll tell you more about it all soon.

Thank you for being there and have a nice weekend Everybody!

Upcomming shows:
13.07. 11. Festiwal Legend Rocka, Dolina Charlotty, Słupsk, PL [TICKETS]
28.07. ARTmania Festival 2017, Sibiu, RO [TICKETS]
12.08. Huntenpop Festival, Ulft, NL [TICKETS]
19.08. Cieszanów Rock Festiwal, Cieszanów, PL [TICKETS]
20.08. Prog In Park, Park Sowińskiego, Warszawa, PL [TICKETS]
01.09. wROCK for Freedom, Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Wrocław, PL [TICKETS]
02.09. MateriaFest 2017, Plac Koncertowy, Szczecinek, PL [TICKETS]
20.09. Słowianin, Szczecin, PL [TICKETS]
22.09. Vega, Copenhagen, DK [TICKETS]
23.09. Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg, SE [TICKETS]
24.09. John Dee, Oslo, NO [TICKETS]
25.09. Bryggarsalen, Stockholm, SE [TICKETS]
27.09. Lutakko, Jyväskylä, FI [TICKETS]
28.09. Kerubi, Joensuu, FI [TICKETS]
29.09. Klubi, Tampere, FI [TICKETS]
30.09. Tavastia, Helsinki, FI [TICKETS]
01.10. Rockclub Tapper, Tallinn, EE [TICKETS]
03.10. Zmiana Klimatu, Białystok, PL [TICKETS]
04.10. Graffiti, Lublin, PL [TICKETS]
05.10. Life House, Rzeszów, PL [TICKETS]

photo by Hajo Müller

Riverside - "Lost 'n' Found" - Live in Tilburg


Riverside -

Once every 10 years we add an exclusive concert release to our discography :) It is our pleasure to let you know that soon we'll add another one.

"Lost 'n' Found - Live in Tilburg" is a recording of our show in a Dutch club 013 in Tilburg, which took place in the autumn of 2015.

The double CD with graphics designed by Travis Smith will be available only at our this year's shows of "Towards the Blue Horizon Tour".

Riverside live line-up for the upcoming tour confirmed!


Riverside live line-up for the upcoming tour confirmed!

"Towards the Blue Horizon Tour" is coming very soon - after a longer break, on April 20th, 2017 Riverside are going back on stage for 9 shows in Poland and 19 abroad. At the end of 2016 the band announced that they had become a trio and this is to officially confirm the live line-up for the upcoming shows.

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce that for all the concerts in 2017 we will be joined by our friend, Maciej Meller, the guitarist thanks to whom our music will sound the way it should, not only because he's a very good musician, but most of all, because he's got a modesty and humility about him, and these have always been important to us on stage.

Mariusz: I knew Maciek before Riverside. I have known him since 1993 to be precise, when we performed together at a festival, me in Xanadu and Maciej in Deep River, which later transformed into Quidam. For years we have managed to get to know each other really well and even compose something together. In 2008 Maciek guested on the first Lunatic Soul album in a track called "Adrift" and later, in 2015 we recorded an album which was released towards the end of last year under the name 'Meller Gołyźniak Duda'. We know each other's music sensitivity. We were born in the same year, the same as Piotrek Grudziński too, and we both share the same music roots. It wouldn't be difficult to find a musician who could play anything at any time of day or night, a technician who would overshadow everyone and everything else with his charisma and skills. But it was really hard to find someone able to convey the music and character of the band on stage and at the same time enhance it with their own sound and interpretation. Right from the very beginning Maciek seemed to be the only person who could complete our fractured band. I know that thanks to him you will be able to see again on stage a united band. And being a united band on stage has always been the driving force behind Riverside. Riverside passed their first test at two sold out concerts in Progresja in Warsaw, where they played for 4000 people. The "Towards the Blue Horizon Tour" is the band's comeback in a different music style. They will perform compositions illustrating the history and events that have recently taken place.

We are now more experienced, more mature, more serious and we're starting another chapter in our music career. We'd like to play our best gigs yet this year and we know that this tour will be exceptional and one of a kind because each gig will be filled with different kinds of emotions. We'd like to invite all of you who would like to experience them with us to the following venues:

20.04. Nowy Andegrant, Olsztyn, PL [TICKETS]
21.04. Stary Maneż, Gdańsk, PL [TICKETS]
22.04. B17, Poznań, PL [TICKETS]
23.04. A2, Wrocław, PL [TICKETS]
26.04. Stara Kopalnia, Wałbrzych, PL [TICKETS]
27.04. Mega Club, Katowice, PL [TICKETS]
28.04. Rude Boy, Bielsko Biała, PL [TICKETS]
29.04. Estrada, Bydgoszcz, PL [TICKETS]
05.05. Columbia Theater, Berlin, DE [TICKETS]
06.05. Music Hall, Worpswede, DE [TICKETS]
07.05. Markthalle, Hamburg, DE [TICKETS]
09.05. Colos-saal, Aschaffenburg, DE [TICKETS]
10.05. Z7, Pratteln, CH [TICKETS]
12.05. MJC Ô Totem, Lyon, FR [TICKETS]
13.05. Salamandra 1, Barcelona, ES [TICKETS]
14.05. Teatro Barcelo, Madrid, ES [TICKETS]
16.05. Krakatoa, Bordeaux, FR [TICKETS]
17.05. Divan du Monde, Paris, FR [TICKETS]
19.05. Liquid Room, Edinburgh, UK [TICKETS]
20.05. Marble Factory, Bristol, UK [TICKETS]
21.05. Assembly, Leamington Spa, UK [TICKETS]
22.05. Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK [TICKETS]
24.05. Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, NL [TICKETS]
25.05. De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, NL [TICKETS]
26.05. Hedon, Zwolle, NL [TICKETS]
27.05. De Pul, Uden, NL [TICKETS]
28.05. Die Kantine, Cologne, DE [TICKETS]
30.05. Łaźnia, Kraków, PL [TICKETS], [TICKETS]

On the Polish part of the tour supports will be: Lion Shepherd and Sounds Like The End of The World.

photo by Radek Zawadzki

Thank you


Thank you

Thank you for the two amazing, cathartic, unforgettable, one of a kind evenings.

We are moving on.

photos: Radek Zawadzki

Lunatic Soul "Fractured"


Lunatic Soul

We already know the title of the upcoming album by Lunatic Soul. The fifth Lunatic Soul release will be called "Fractured" and is scheduled for September 2017.

Mariusz Duda: "Lunatic Soul has changed and if I were to describe this music, I'd call it dark melancholic trance with more electronics and more powerful sounds. But there will also be some lyrical fragments, and a couple of tracks will feature a symphonic orchestra I have worked with for the first time in my career. The new Lunatic Soul album will be brave, rich and musically very intense, a beginning of a new style rather than a continuation of the previous releases. I am under the impression that all my music experiences have led me to this place and that it will be one of the best albums I have ever made."

As always, Lunatic Soul "Fractured" will be released worldwide on Kscope and on Mystic Production in Poland.

More details soon.

Trailer made by Sightsphere