ProgPower Europe


We'd like to inform you that Riverside is going to perform at this year's ProgPower festival which is scheduled for 2 and 3 October in Baarlo, Holland, next to such big stars as Devin Townsend, The Gathering and Katatonia.

The world premiere of „Out Of Myself” in April!


Sometimes, life surprises you with quite unexpected situations, in which you have to make a quick decision that can influence your future. We experienced it a few days ago and as a result we have signed a contract with the American label, Laser's Edge.
At times, life plays tricks on you - after all, we were about to sign an agreement with the Swiss Galileo Records. Nevertheless, we think that we've chosen a better way for the band.
However, as the consequence of our decision, we won't play at the ProgSol Festival. Well, what can we say...
But we want to tell you what our contract brings in its wake, as it is more important now :-)))
First of all, our album will have entirely new artwork by Travis Smith (Anathema, Opeth, Katatonia, Devin Townsend et al). We had a moral dilemma concerning this but after talking to Pjephysh (the author of the Polish cover of "Out Of Myself"), we came to the conclusion that an occasion like this one may never happen again, and Pjepshysh himself considers Travis to be one of the best graphic designers.
"Out Of Myself" will be mastered again in the USA and we hope that it improves the sound of the album.

Quartet again!


The first days of December have brought us some good news.

Most importantly… attention… the drums… Riverside is a quartet again! The keyboard player, Michał Łapaj, has joined the band and there will be more information about him in the nearest future. It means that we will be able to give you some possible concert dates soon!

The second, quite interesting piece of news is that we've been invited to the progressive rock festival ProgSol which will take place in October 2004 in Solothurn, Switzerland.

There are some changes and new additions to the site as, after a short experience with the army, Sgt Pepper (a.k.a. Pjepsh) has come back :-))
Most of all, there are some photos from the trio-period of Riverside and from an unexpected meeting which took place in Progresja club in Warsaw (section PICTURES).

With the release of "Out Of Myself" there will be more information on this site about our first album: lyrics, translations and all sorts of descriptions and commentaries.
So, please, visit us from time to time – you're most welcome here!

„Out Of Myself” getting closer!


Attention! – almost a year has passed, but we have finally managed to finish it!!! After the final touches, the album "Out Of Myself," as this is what we're talking about, is at last in our hands. Unfortunately, it is still not available in shops, but the odds are that it will be there this year. It will consist of 9 tracks, five of which are those from our demo, mastered anew, and the remaining four are previously unreleased compositions. What else? The material is 52 minutes long, the story described in the lyrics has gained a deeper meaning and allows us to call it a "concept album." Pjepshu designed a wonderful booklet, for which we would like to thank him yet again (Leave the army, pal, will you? :-)) And the tracklisting of our debut album is as follows:

1. The Same River
2. Out Of Myself
3. I Believe
4. Reality Dream I (instrumental)
5. Loose Heart (a.k.a. Loosing Heart)
6. Reality Dream II (instrumental)
7. In Two Minds
8. The Curtain Falls
9. OK

Soon, there will be a new downloadable track on our site – In Two Minds – that's why we invite you to visit us from time to time.

What's new on the site? Right now you can read two new reviews in the media/reviewssection – both were published on foreign prog music portals.

We're ending the news on a slightly sad note. Unfortunately, we have to cancel all the concerts we planned for the following few months. Why? Jacek has left the band for personal reasons. We respect his decision. We'd like to thank him most sincerely for everything he's done, for his contribution and commitment to Riverside. Still, we can't imagine playing our music without keyboards, therefore, it will take some time until the trio changes into a quartet again. We are looking for a keyboard player, so if you would like to have a go, let us know! :-)

We're still here, we still exist and we have absolutely no intention of falling apart :-) After the longish break, we're rehearsing again and creating new compositions. And we definitely intend to live up to our own high expectations.

That's it for now. To be continued.



This is our first, long awaited piece of NEWS. Tears of joy are flooding our eyes and with such silly looking faces we'd like to welcome You, on our and our webmaster's behalf, to our official website – Riversite. Perhaps some of You are interested in what's going on with us, perhaps some of You would like to share their CONSTRUCTIVE opinions about our music, and it's very likely that some of You are fans of Pjepsh's talent. The site is for all of You!!! (And, of course, a bit for us :-))

The silence has gone on for long enough, we know that, but this is reality. Anyway, we've set ourselves a goal – the album "Out Of Myself" has to be released this year. The recordings have been practically finished and all there is to do, is to mix the material and do the mastering. The integral part of the album are the tracks some of You may already know from our demo or mp3 files available in the Internet, but of course, there is more.

Record label:
We will sound a bit mysterious here and you won't learn anything more than the fact that we have been carrying on conversations with potential publishers in Poland and abroad. So far, their outcome is quite positive.

Unfortunately, we haven't been rehearsing for a while and thus the concerts are still a matter of the future. But we're planning to start playing live towards the end of October! The first concert will probably be in Przemyśl, where all of You are kindly invited.

That's it for now. We have a lot of plans and You will learn about the proceedings if You will sometimes visit this site.

One more thing, we'd like to thank Pjepsh and Marta (it has been a pleasure! :-)) without whom this site wouldn't be what it is.